Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A vest for my Mister!

"I'll sew something for you", she said.

Yeah, right!

Let's be honest, I was expecting that a vest would be easy breezy. Oh, foolish me... Let's rewind! A few weeks ago, I posted my first haul in which I mentioned that I purchased a 70's Simplicity pattern on Etsy. It is a three piece suit. Being my enthusiastic self, I imagined that I would sew all three, eventually, and that the vest would be a great and easy start.

I really enjoyed the first steps! Like me, my Mister is a different size in different places. Therefore, the first step was to figure out where to add centimeters. I really love doing that. This time, I even made drawings, with colors, and notes, and I glued it on a color sheet. It felt so so so fun!

This Saturday, we went to the fancy fabric shop of our town to find love at first sight for Mister. We got a gorgeous grey suit fabric (enough for two vests), and two different linings. For the first vest, we use the white lining that has thin grey stripes. So far, I have...

- made a muslin
- made a few adjustments to the pattern
- cut the pattern on the fabrics
- interfaced what had to be interfaced
- done the darts on the back pieces
- stitched the back middles
- done two belt pieces for the back
- placed them
- stitched the good back to the front pieces

So far, so good! Now, what happens? HELL happens! In my little world, hell is personified by WELT POCKETS!!! I thought I was ready. I have watched tutorials online. Pictured and filmed. I have read a long piece about it in my great "Complete Guide to Sewing". I have trained on the muslin, etc. I was ready I thought! Let me tell you, I was not ready to spend a whole day on that, procrastinating, and then getting all worked up... But I am finally done. I think that they will look better on the second vest I will make (eventually). Here are two views, one from the outside, and one from the inside. Any critics, suggestions or thoughts are more than welcome...

It looks like something is pulling on the corners of the welt. Do you have any idea of what I can do? Anyway, I still have a long to do list... I am not going to write it because it is going to depress me... Let's just say that if you look at the instruction sheet above, you will see that I still have to do section 4 (the longest and trickiest), and the "finishing".

I know that I am the queen of the complains... But my Mister deserves this vest. He's the best...


  1. I have also noticed that the simple projects seem to turn out to be really not so simple.... Sorry, cant think of any helpful comments at this point.

    Practice makes perfect......

  2. Oooh, welt pockets are hard. I've only done them once on my Lindsey cape-- they are just ok, not perfect. I picked up a spring copy of Sew Stylish recently (a little late, I know) and they had a good article on doing welt pockets-- but I haven't tried them again since the cape. Nice of you to sew for the mister! My husband asks me all the time, "when are you going to make something for me?"

  3. I am way too nice ;) I think I am done with those pockets, they won't be perfect, but the next ones will...

  4. I can confirm the vest is coming along nicely. I can't wait to wear it.

    Offcourse this means I will be expecting more lovely clothing my dear ;)

  5. Yeah, right... It is not because you say that and that people might read it that it will happen faster :p

  6. I think the main problem is that your notches into the corners of the pocket opening are too short. You have to cut into the corner very close by the stitched corner. Hope it's clear enough. If it isn't, tell me, I'll send you some photos. :)

  7. I think I see what you mean! So next time, I'll secure the fabric better, cut to the corners better, and train more on old fabric pieces...


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