Thursday, August 26, 2010

TV Thursday: Blair Waldorf (& Award season)

Spotted: a blogger girl trying to figure out what Queen B would sew for herself...

Ok, I realize that she actually *gets* people to sew for her, but let me dream... For those who don't know who I am talking about, Blair Waldorf is a character in Gossip Girl. She always has the right garment on her and is NOT afraid of using colors or accessories.

So, let's start the game!

What 5 pieces would make her wardrobe?
I have decided on picking winter AND summer items. When it's cold, she is the queen of coats and capes. In the third season, she also works heavenly the pencil skirt and blouse combo. Last weeks, we have seen a LOT of pictures online from the shooting of the fourth season. Blair rocks the dresses!

1) The fourth season starts in Paris, in the summer! And I bet the stylist of Gossip Girl had a lot of fun picking up the dresses for Blair. They are funky, fitted and colorful! Here is a shiny exemple:

I explored the world wide web, and I only looked at designers patterns, because, honestly, Miss Waldorf would not be happy with non-designer pieces... What do you think about this Vogue pattern designed by Cynthia Steffe. She would use different fabrics with different prints for the bottom and top. And also maybe for the belt. She could also use a luxury evening fabric to dress the pattern up.

2) The pencil skirt! In the third season and in the winter, Blair has been dressing like the new adult that she is. What is better than pencil skirts?

So, of course, you find a lot of basic pencil skirt patterns online... I picked up another designer pattern on the Vogue website. It has been created by Donna Karan. I think that Blair would wear this one as it is different. The draping is gorgeous in front and she has the body shape to pull it off. And, honestly, look at the back! Isn't it gorgeous? Of course, she would wear her Louboutin...

3) Here comes what usually works so well with those skirts: The blouse! On the previous picture, you already see a nice beige one. But look at this one with a cute print and scarf!

Now, let's stay in the designers patterns: the magnificent blouse that Rebecca Taylor has made for Vogue. Any light color would rock! And I also think that prints would work, but light and small ones... Of course, this blouse would be tucked in the pencil skirt.

4) During the winter episodes, I drooled as I was watching Blair's coats. They are so cute and full of colors, and Quirky too. Did I mention cute and colorful?

This time, I went for a non-designer one, but still on Vogue. I love the simple lines it has. It is also very structured and would easily carry popping colors. I think that Blair wouldn't mind pimping it with cute vintage large buttons. And maybe a mustard fabric?

5) Last but not least: Capes! Miss Waldorf has been cutely wearing them during the winter episodes. I remember a gorgeous green one that was quite long, and that allowed her arms to get out. You know, it is necessary, to carry bags or to sip Starbucks Coffees... Here, I picked this cute vintage pattern that was also on Vogue.

Now, what would *I* wear from Miss Waldorf's wardrobe?
- If you read some of my previous posts, you will see that I actually have ordered the blouse pattern from R. Taylor. And it has arrived! And I am going to dive into it as soon as I am done with the three projects that I have started.
- I love pencil skirts, but I still have to find a way to make them flattering. However, I am pretty happy with the pleated one I have finished a few days ago...

That is it for this TV Thursday! I look forward to the new series that are arriving in september. They might bring new interesting haracters to blog about. Until then, for next week, I must still deliberate between these:

Lily from "How I met your mother"
Joan from "Mad Men"
Samantha Stephens from "Bewitched"

If you actually vote, you are the one to decide. Last week, Iro Iro liked the idea of Blair... So, tell me, people ;)



Big PS: I received an award!

Me? Yes me! It comes from Iro Iro! When you get it, you should do these things
1. Thank the person who gave you this:
Thank you so much! I didn't expect it at all!
2. Copy the graphic of this award to your blog.
Done! See, it's up here!

3. Pass on this award to 15 other blogs. Or do like Iro Iro, and pick your five favorites and talk about them. 
Oh, completely in favor of the Big Five deal! I am not going to re-send it to you, Iro Iro, because I guess that we would end up running in circles. But as you know, I read you very very often!

- Gertie! Gertie's New Blog For better Sewing.
I forgot how I ended up on that website, but thank you I did! Since I read about her attention to details, I started doing Muslins!

- Grosgrain!
I love her features! Frocks by Friday, Technique Tuesday, etc... Her creations are also SOOOO pretty! And I like it when she tells little stories about her daily life ;) Curious me! Bad, bad!

- The Selfish Seamstress!
Her famous Coffe Date Dress is the pattern that has been the most used on Burdastyle! And one of my first ones too! She is such a great seamstress and thanks to her, I now say no to my boyfriend when he asks me to mend his pockets!

- VeryPurplePerson!
Her creations are so zen! I love her use of Japanese patterns. You should also see the GORGEOUS fabrics she uses! I am so jealous!

- Carolyn! Diary of a sewing fanatic.
I came across her blog a week ago! And I love it! She introduced me to a new term "TNT patterns" (tried and true). She also is great at transforming patterns for her frame! I think she does it really nicely! She also has very interesting opinions on the whole "plus-size" idea.

4. And lastly, tell the beloved bloggers about their award.
Getting busy with it!


  1. Hi! I found your blog through the BurdaStyle website (I have a few of your creations favourited) and I wanted to leave you a comment to tell you how much I love your sewing creations! I'm surprised to learn that you only began in April. I've had a machine for a couple of years now but I find myself intimidated by it... I have a hard time using the seam allowance guides and getting straight lines. Can you suggest any good, cute beginner projects for someone just getting familiar with their machine?

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment!!!

    About seam allowance, I must say that I never use it. I started sewing with Burda patterns that don't have them... When I cut, I just leave enough allowance. And I copy the stitching line and sew on them. That is the way that my grand ma does it, so if it is good enough for her, it is good enough for me ;)

    Easy projects for beginners... I found the Coffee Date dress quite easy, because Grosgrain (she is on Burdastyle too) made a step by step tutorial about it on her blog. It is called "Frock by Friday". If you have tiny frame (not like me), you can try the Tara pattern, with a cute fabric. The Maxi dress I made was very easy too.

    I think that you could also look at the Vogue website, they have a category of easy patterns. But you have to pay for those.

    All in all, my rule is to pick a pattern that I know would look good on me, and then I think about how I can make it cute (fabrics, details, biais,...)

    But if you have a more specific question, ask away, I like it ;) Not that I am a pro or anything ;)

  3. Thanks for your reply, that was so quick, and very helpful! I actually have really wanted to try the coffee date dress for a long time. I also love a lot of the skirts on Burda's site (like the Marie) but unfortunately I'm just a little too big for some of the sizes they provide. I hope someday I'm good enough to alter the patterns!

  4. I use Burdastyle bigger patterns, they go up to size 52. If you have it where you live, try also the "Ottobre" magazine. And also, I will post a tutorial on how to alter the patterns and make them bigger, next week. Would you enjoy that?

  5. HI again! I'm catching up on your new-ish blog while waiting for my shift to be done at work. So I wasn't too keen on this pattern at first but after looking at the technical drawing I think its pretty awesome.

    Its got enough structure that it would be flattering on curves, but enough looseness to not show the bits we curvy ladies don't want to emphasize. What do you think?

  6. Oh yes! I didn't look at it either, something to do with the yellow in the fabric... But indeed, the drawing is so so nice! It would show off the cleavage but also cinch at the waist. What I really like is that it would hide the top of the arms (which is really interesting for me...)

  7. I think the top piece could even be worn with a pencil skirt and a camisole.

  8. Completely! Or pants... And, very important, it looks so comfy! Are you planning on getting it?

  9. Its weird, I thought I had responded to your last question already. Yes, I plan on getting the pattern (during a sale).

  10. i like blair too. i wanna watch the season4 movie


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