Saturday, August 14, 2010

Burda: September preview

I am not the first to comment on it, but here are my two cents... It's an easy post, after my IKEA trip and the groceries shopping and Saturday cleaning to come!

Usually, I fall in love with one of the features in normal sizes, I hate the second, and I kind of like the third.  The plus size part is sometimes really nice, and sometimes really crappy... This time follows the rules and it is one of those NICE plus sizes!

I am so in an autumn mood at the moment, and I was really expecting this preview. As often lately, I don't like one of the features, the loathed "Folklore". I would also enjoy more the graphic bits if I had less bits around my bones... Anyway, here are my faves:

I will have to work on the pattern for sizes, but I like that classic shirt. It would be great on a full skit and the V looks very flattering. To be tried...

And then there was the plus size bits! It actually is very nice this time! The fabric choice can make this dress work so so so well... I love the sleeves of this one, they make the arms look more delicate and they would work well with nice vintage buttons on their sides. The V neck is, of course, a plus for me, and the bow as well, and I love the fact it is a button up too! The skirt seems nice and A-line! To be tried!

Still in the plus size, THE trench coat! I have been wanting one for a while. I am a huge Burberry fan! I wonder how fitted it is... I just hope it is not too straight. I like a waist in coats. And, Tim Gunn says that a Trench Coat is a wardrobe essential... Last week, I have found that gorgeous coat fabric that would be perfect for it in a local gorgeous shop. Completely on my to be tried list!

My final fave was still in the plus size section: jacket! I would love to make it in tweed, with quirky discreet pimpings. I have plenty of ideas for that one!

Here it is! I think that I picked up very sober things this time around. It must be because I have to dress for job interviews, and I am in that kind of corporate mood... I still think that they can become quirky so so so easily!


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  1. Cool!

    Bon je commente en français! Ca donnera une note internationale à ton blog. Et puis comme j'ai du aller toute les deux phrases sur wordreference, tes fan n'auront qu'a faire de même pour mon commentaire sans grand intérêt il faut l'avouer!

    Content de découvrir ta passion ;-) félication. J'avais pas vraiment percuter au mariage quand tu as dis que tu avais fait ta robe! Pour moi ça voulait dire que tu avais choisis le modèle et noué le nœud...
    Fait signe quand on peut te faire des commandes, j'en connais une qui est intéressée.

    Courage et à bientôt!


    Ps: j'espère avoir une place pour le premier défilé


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