Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work in progress: Burberry inspired shirt dress

I have had this idea for AGES! Last year, I really got to discover Burberry. I always thought it was an old British lady brand. For umbrellas and trench coats... Then I stumbled on Emma Watson's campaigns with them, and then I visited their website, and I was caught off guard! So, I am going to do this:

I am going to use a Burda pattern as a base. It appeared back in the May issue (#137). It is plus size too. I like the a-line skirt and simple collar.

I am using an amazing woolen check fabric for most of the dress, and a cream fabric for the inside folds and the collar. Of course, my new habit is muslins making. It helped so much this time!

On the first picture, I have made the first changes...
1) One size smaller for the top overall
2) Shortening at the shoulders to pull everything up
3) One size bigger from the hips down
4) Darts on the back of the skirt, I managed to put them right under the top ones
5) Shortening of the skirt planned

On the second picture, you can see that the back is not quite right. So, more changes!
6) Shortening the back length between the darts
7) Having a tiny less ease on the back shoulders
8) Shorter and narrower sleeves

Now, I haven't saved the end muslin. I completely forgot to take a picture with the changes and the collar and sleeves on... Oh well, the end result will be a bigger surprise then ;) I have also decided that I will wear a belt with it!

Today, I have cut the fashion fabric, the cream fabric, and my interfacing. I have ironed it on too. My last doing so far was "writing" the patterns onto the fabric pieces. Here you can have a quick look at the way my living room table is at the moment...

The good thing about this project is that I keep thinking about my perfume, which happens to be from Burberry: London... So I spray it on, and it smells good ;)


  1. I think this will come out great! I have also got a "Burberry" fabric in my stash, but still don't know what kind of dress to make with it!

  2. If you google "Burberry dress" or "Burberry Checkdress", you'll find a lot of them! It especially looks gorgeous on children... I wish I was 5 again sometimes...


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