Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The one about muslin!

I have decided that, so far as nice projects are concerned, I would do a muslin and work on the pattern beforehand. The only problem is this: it costs money! I have been on the look out for cheap cheap fabric, and I knew I would find happiness in IKEA, because I already had. This Saturday, we went there (BF and I), because we just like browsing through their stuff... It is kind of romantic... It makes me think of 500 days of Summer.

Anyway, I have found cheap cheap cheap fabric, that is the right weight, and quite funky. It is the last roll in the clearance of fabrics section. I took everything that was leftover! 13.90m! for 13.90 euros! Almost nothing!

I might turn them inside out for trying outs, but I am fairly happy!


  1. Yeah, Ikea has often very nice fabrics, even if they are a bit stiff sometimes... Too bad, my husband HATES going to Ikea, so when we are there, we are going very quick through the aisles, only stopping at what we are looking for, which makes it rather difficult looking at the fabrics (and it's NO FUN to grub for fabrics with a husband standing next to you, pulling a long face, having a look on the clock for every second and rolling his eyes)!

  2. I think I am so lucky with Herman (I know, weird name). We are like two kids in the shop. I actually am the one that is not that happy when he contemplates the nice cooking pots when we are at the end and getting tired... But we build at least 3 houses with different decos when we are there!

  3. I have never made muslins before and have decided that I probably should. I have bought a couple of sheets from a charity shop to make a muslin for a dress that I really want to look good.$2 NZ not bad.

  4. I love ikea too for cheap fabrics. But here prices are not so cheap. I usually buy old sheets from the St. vincents. Dont know if you have that shop there.

  5. @Tasmin: I have just started doing muslins, and it makes a HUGE difference in the way the clothes fit!
    @Emer: I don't know about nice second hand places around here. I just moved in The Netherlands... But I am still exploring...


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