Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost done!

We have been tidying up the apartment today and it slowed down the pretty pretty dress. However, after all those weeks of hiatus, it feels like you deserve a sneak peek!

I have sewn the front and the back and it looks so promising! The wool almost looks like linen. At the moment, I am "frenchseaming" the sides together.

I have also just posted the muslin top on Burdastyle and we went for a photoshoot in the autumn colored leaves. I love that photo!

Write to you tomorrow!

The Wayfarer Dress: the one about the muslins

I got started on the project! Yeay! And it is so much fun!

The first step was to upgrade. I love upgrading patterns. It makes me feel as if I was in geometry class again! I was afraid it might be to much to upgrade as the pattern only goes up to a size 18 and my hips are wayyy larger then a 18... It turned up to work well.

The second step was to actually make a muslin. I was planning on using a slightly heavier wool compared to the fabrics they recommend. Therefore, I have used an old grey fabric I had brought back from my grand ma. I have realized a few things. 1) I have to be more careful with the front gathering. 2) I have to be more precise with the two patches that are applied on top of the gathering.



The third step was to train for the lining. I haven't done any properly lined dress yet. Also, after the first try out, I thought that I could use this muslin and make it wearable. I then used an old pale yellow knit.

The fourth step was to show it to my Grand Ma and my Mum as I went in Belgium for her birthday (cf the birthday dress). My mum liked the dress and tried it on and it kind of worked for her. It gave her a nice hourglass figure. She just has to take in the length of the back (she is shorter than me, but as large). So I gave it to her... This is also why I have no picture of myself with the muslin :S

The fifth step was to try to make the top  part (with the gatherings) a little bit better. This is why I have decided to make a second muslin, but just of the top. I wanted to use that opportunity to make myself a top with a cheap (1 euro) coupon I had gotten a few weeks ago. The only tweak was to lengthen a tiny bit the front part so it would not show the belly button.

And I LOVE it!

I am really happy with the gathering and the fact that it cinches nicely at the waist

Don't you LOVE the peplum? I really must thank my sleeves, because they hide just the floppy arm top...

This is such a gorgeous back!

The only issue now is that I have no skirt or trousers that work with it... Calls for a new project ;)

Do you have any extra suggestion?
Did you see anything to work on, with your tiger eyes?

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Rachel Comey Wayfarer Dress

Here is my new project (while I work on my jacket on the side): V1209. Ok, this sounds like a sports car name, BUT, it was one of my top three pieces of the Winter collection that Vogue pulled out. What about this?

This dress was designed by Rachel Comey. I fell in love with the back. The V is nice for evening but I am sure that you can dress it down for day. The peplum is so cute and looks so modern and NOW! The front is great too! It is an A-line skirt which works for me. The curved cut of the waist/hips area looks really flattering. The gathering on the front creates a pretty draping where the waist cinches!

This afternoon, I explored the World Wide Web and Googled "Rachel Comey Dress", and I discovered that this one is a dress that she had in her last collection: the Wayfarer Dress. It actually retails for more then 400$! Here are a few variations...

Print option 1. So hourglass!

Print option 2: nice but I think that for that price, they could align the print on the top part...

Deja vu?

Back to the pattern. It has pieces that work really well together and the dress is fully lined. The only issue is that it only goes up to a size 18. There will therefore be a little tweaking on my side...

If you scrolled down to this point, you deserve a sneak peak of my gorgeous fabrics! I have a thin light brown wool and a camel silk lining!

I cannot wait!!!
What do you think of this project???

Thursday, October 28, 2010

TV Thursday - Halloween edition: Lady Morgana

Who watches Merlin? It is a BBC show that I find kind of cute... And this week, it is Lady Morgana time! In the first seasons, she was nice, but she became evil and tries to kill the king (her guardian) and his son (prince Arthur, almost her brother).

I have picked three looks: a day dress, a night dress, and a cape. I have found my happiness on the websites of McCall and Butterick. They really have nice costumes.

As any Lady, Morgana wears gowns. Here is a nice and simple day one. I bet she would wear it in a purple or green velvet! I love the tied back and the simple top. You can make an underskirt with a rich printed fabric as a nice contrast! I would totally do that if there was a Halloween party around here!

For banquets, she dresses up with richer colors and golden or silver embellishments. This pattern would work very nicely. The sleeves, the back, the belt and the neckline are gorgeous. It also makes me think of something that Eowyn (Lord of the Rings) would wear! Wouldn't it be be great in an ivory fabric, with chiffon ivory sleeves, and golden embellishments?

Lady Morgana must get out in the woods to meet her evil sister to plot against the people of Kamelot. She therefore hides under flowy capes! I find them so feminine! McCall has a cute pattern. Wouldn't you love a velvet cape, because I would!

Here we are! My Halloween post! What are you sewing or cooking for Halloween?
We are cooking pumpkin muffins ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Birthday dress

Last weekend was my mum's birthday. I felt like making her a nice dress, which would change from the shapeless cheap things she usually wears. My mum is a kindergarten teacher, therefore, she has to sit on the ground and bend over. She likes colors and leggings. She is also an apple shape.

I decided for a jersey fabric for comfort and easy washing (think painting stains). I also chose a "progressive" print, I wanted the bottom of the garment to have a busier print than the top. I have also chosen to make a dress. She can wear leggings or opaque stockings. The pattern comes from a Dutch magazine called "Knipmode" (October, #17a). It looks a lot like this one (only mine has longer pleats):

I made it as nice as possible. Almost all the seams are French Seams! I also used orange bias to add a funky contrast. The body of the dress is lined with a prune jersey, for strength... Here is the result!

With my books behind ;)

The pleats create a nice draping around the belly, great for masking...

The back is simple, so you can see the pretty fabric!
There is orange silk bias on the end of the sleeves for a nice finishing contrast
Same Bias for the neckline

Mister Panda shows the wrist that is closed with an orange cute button
The body is lined with prune jersey and all french seamed
The lining hem is orange zigzag (easy and fun)
Pretty pleats tied at the bottom
Shoulders secured with leftover bias

That's it! My mum was very happy with it! I am trying to get a picture, but she lives a bit too far to have it easily ;)

Write to you tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's up!

I am guilty! 23 days! With no post! It starts with a lower sewing mojo, and then (un)expected events,and then me, making a drama out of it. My idiom has been: "I'll do it tomorrow". But this is over, I am back! Here is the story of the past few weeks!

Sewing life:

- The Lady Grey Sew-along was way more intense then I thought. I have therefore decided to slow down and insert other project between the different steps. In a near future post, you will see my bound buttonholes and the start of the hand stitching!
- I made a dress for my mum's birthday (coming soon)
- I got started on a great Vogue dress pattern (coming soon)
- I brought back a few vintage fabrics from the treasure chest at my Grand Ma!

My "other" Life

- Being busy with job interviews and so on...
- I got a Cupcake making book called "Happiness is a Cupcake" and I have been trying out
- I got engaged!!!!! And yes, people, I have a ring on it!

It feels like I am back on sewing track now ;)

Once again, sorry for the delay and tune in tomorrow for the Birthday dress I made for my mum!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Haul: my crush!

No sewing today!

I have spent the day in Amsterdam. Job fair in the morning and shopping in the afternoon (an attempt of shopping at least). After scrutinizing lots of shops mainly for a nice sharp suit for Mister, we came back with just three books :S, one of them was for me!

I am so happy, I wanted it for a while. We went to the American Book Center and I wanted so many books there, but one is enough! Tim Gunn's Golden Rules! I love reading him, it feels so charming and relaxing. Like listening to a great grand Uncle that paints landscapes...

Let's get reading now!

Friday, October 1, 2010

TV Thursday: Laurie Keller

Who doesn't like Cougar Town?

Well, I love it! And I love Busy Phillips in it. Therefore, this TV Thursday is going to be about Laurie Keller!

In this show, Laurie Keller is the assistant and friend of Jools, a Real Estate agent. She is funny, clumsy, girly and sometimes goes for stupid ideas... Basically, I love her! She always wears colorful and curve hugging clothes.

Today, I feel playful, and I feel like a fun wardrobe: a Body Hugging Dress, a Wrap Dress, a Draped Top, an Open Shoulder Top, and a Short Skirt. Let's get started!

On this week's episode, Laurie was wearing this gorgeous dress. It was body hugging, and had a square neckline. If you have seen my latest project, you know how much I like those... I have picked this pretty dress as a pattern. The neckline is there, the body hugging too. On top of it, it has gorgeous sleeves and a great draping at the waist. I can see it in a funky bright color. I think that Laurie would rock a fuchsia fabric!

As she wears dresses all the time, I had to pick a second one! I went for a wrap dress. I know that I have already picked that idea last week, but wrap dresses are great for curvy busty girls. And that is completely the case here. I went for a Kimomo wrap dress pattern that makes the idea very young. For Laurie, I would use a fabric with a funky print (small print).

The other feature that you cannot avoid is colorful tops. I really like this draped one, and it feels like this pattern would be great for it!

Very often, I see Laurie wearing that kind of Gipsy top. The one that shows off one or both shoulders. It is so cute and flirty. I have picked this pattern. I love the fact that it can have bows. It looks so playful! If it was me, I would use a peach color, with black ribbons...

Last but not least, the short skirt! She has great legs, and she likes to show them. Once again, they are playful and colorful. The pattern I have chosen is pleated on the side and is A line. You could use it with a printed or plain fabric.

What do you think?
Do you like Cougar Town?
Who would you like to see next week?
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