Friday, August 13, 2010

Pencil skirt with weird pleads...

   Like every last Friday of the month, I get my hands on the new BurdaStyle mag. This time in french, yeah! I liked a few items and I decided to try first this pencil skirt. Why? Will you ask me... First, I am in the middle of quite a few job interviews and I have no pencil skirt. And Tim Gunn says I should! Second, this model has pleads that just might hide a bit of my belly. I am not 100% confident, but we'll see.

On model,

In picture,

Technical drawing,

It took me quite a while to understand the front bit, but that is why a muslin is for ;). I think the fit is OK. I just have a few twitchings left to do, like 1) shorten it a little bit; 2) put the belt; 3) wear it with good underwear...



I am also done with the pattern copying, and tracing. They are cut, and so are my few interfacing bits... I have chosen a GREAT grey stretchy wool and red lining! I just need to get a nice button for the back, an invisible zipper, and, well, THE thread. If anyone reads this before I go to the shop, which kind of thread would you recommend?

As I had something like 60cm of fabric left, I decided to make a vest with it. I'll tell the story later, but here, you can see how efficient I have been with the fabric. That is what is left!

So, off to bed, and tomorrow, I'll sew, sew, sew!

Sweet dreams...

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