Saturday, August 28, 2010

Haul of a few weeks!

Ok, mainly of today...

Hauls are such easy posts when you honestly don't have much to show for yourself. And I must admit, there has been no sewing today! Indeed, today was Saturday. And on such a day, you usually buy things, like vegetables, fruits, meat, and other things. You go on the market, in the supermarket, etc... But today was a little different. First, I got myself a nice treat: Ottobre magazine, the 2010 women fall/winter issue. It completes oh so well the Burdas I got last week in Belgium (for once, in French, aaaah, it feels better like that, in my native language).

I am really happy with them. I fell in love with a trench coat and a dress in Burdastyle 09/2010, with trousers, a dress, and two tops in the BurdaPlus fall/winter 2010, and with a dress, a coat, a skirt and a sport clothing feature in Ottobre! Let's get busy!

$$$ Katchink goes the till!

A Saturday that starts that well could not stop that early in the day. On the market, a fabric seller was getting rid of his summer left over coupons for ONE EURO each! They were usually one meter, so I dived into the pile and picked up 5 coupons. He also had cheap fabric that I plan on using for Grosgrain's next "Frock by Friday", together with one of the cheap coupons. The colors are weird, but the skirt fabric is a dark brown, and the one for the top is graded from beige to brown...

$$$ Katchink goes the till!

So far so good right? After that, we went to the "fancy" fabric shop. I have promised my Mister that I would try to sew something for him. I received a 1970's three pieces suit pattern for him, and I am starting with a vest (well, two... Twice the same but with a different lining). To make it right, we wnted to use a good quality of fabric. Here we go! We have a basic dark Grey suit fabric in the middle for the front of both vests. On the left, we have black lining, and on the right, we have white lining with light Grey stripes (that you don't see on this photo)

$$$ Katchink goes the till!

That shop gets me drooling every time we go, so, after choosing those men fabrics, I looked around, and they had a sales corner, get 2 buy one, in which all the fabrics were already 50% off! I have found those two beauties, both wool! The first one is woolen rose, and there is 2 meters of it, for a dress I think... The second one is a thick woolen mustard, and there is two meters. It will go perfectly with the polka dots I had for one euro. Mustard for the coat, polkas for its lining! Can you imagine that, for those 4,50 meters of 100% thick wool, I only paid 25 EUROS!!!! I am on the moon!

$$$ Katchink goes the till!

Let's get busy!

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  1. Ooo - I love that soft rose wool!


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