Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Flamingo Dahlia for my Birthday

Hello lovely people, I am back with a cool little project. Life has been very happy and very busy too. Motherhood is extremely fulfilling, even if it is sometimes tricky to combine it with a demanding job. But all in all, things are great!

I have not been posting for quite a long time, but I have decided to only post when it feels right, and enjoy life. Well, now is the time to bring you a small project. It is a pretty cool hack! A Dahlia blouse!

I have not published it, but I made a Dahlia dress a few months ago and I have been thinking A LOT about adapting the pattern to make a blouse out of it. It all started after I read this very cool article on Seamwork from their Block Paper Scissors section. It explained how to make a summer swing top from a basic sloper. In my head, this principle was meant to be applied on the Dahlia.

Now, the only missing part was the fabric. It did not take long to figure it out! Last october, Jenny made a gorgeous skirt from a wonderful fabric. And I, like many others, fell in love with the fabric. I actually found it on a market in the Netherlands and I purchased a couple of meters. I made a skirt, also not published yet, and I had half a meter leftover. It was perfect for a summery top!

Well, there you go! I wore it today for my birthday and it is the most comfy summer top you could have. I find it very flattering and light. It also works very well with jeans. It is long enough to cover my pouch-y area. I created some asymmetry, making the back slightly longer than the front.

I used some ready-made black satin bias for the neckline, straps and the hem. This fabric is lovely but BOY! does it fray! I also used french seams, again, due to the fraying.

Watching the pictures, I am not sure about how I feel about my bare arms. I have put on some weight and I work on being healthier at the moment. Seeing the photos is somehow conflicting. I completely embrace the fact that I have a full figure, but at the moment, I feel that I am too high on the scale. You can read everywhere that you should not put on too much weight during a pregnancy, but sometimes, it happens...  I should write about at when I am ready.

But all in all, this is one of the nicest tops I own and I will make sure to use it well around the Lake Maggiore during our coming vacation!!! I already thoroughly enjoyed wearing it today!

Hello from Oscar!

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