Thursday, August 19, 2010

TV Thursday: Penelope Garcia!

Let's talk about fashion and sewing, but differently!

From now on, hopefully, I will discuss a character I really like from a TV series. Her style and wardrobe. Earlier today, I wanted to start with Joan from Mad Men, but I had a better idea. Everyone blogs about Joan, and, don't you worry, I will too! I wanted to start with someone that I can really relate to: Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds (Kristen Vangsness in the real world)

Who is she?
She is the IT girl of the team, a nerd, a geek, a quirky thing. She's emotional, strong and smart. She has a LOT of fun with her clothes and shows off her curves instead of hiding them!

She also uses cute accessories and nice shoes...

Oh, and she dates Nicholas Brendon in the series, aaaaaah, geeky love.

What is in her wardrobe? And how to make it?

1) First, dresses! She has lots of dresses! Colorful, fitted, cute, quirky, with cleavage and they usually stop at the knee or a wee bit higher. I think that she would totally dig this pattern from DKNY on Vogue. But I think that she would use a funkier fabric that has vibrant colors.

2) Cardigans! She has a big pile of them! In different shapes, colors and with different details! I think that she would like this pattern from Simplicity. She would use the C or E variation, I guess. They are shorter and I think that she also likes shorter sleeves. I can imagine her using lace details too! Or ribbon...

3) The jacket! I saw a few pictures of her with cute fitted and short jackets. Same thing, she shows off her curves! Yeay! They have bows, ruffles, and wide and deep necks. I think that she would enjoy this pattern from Rebecca Taylor for Vogue. It is nice and girly ;)

4) For skirts, she usually goes for knee length. Sometimes straight, but mostly A-line skirts. She would be careful to use funky tights to go with it, of course! I think she would love this cute piece from Burdastyle. I can see her with different colors in the ruffles, oh yes!

5) And finally the top! Usually, she has a basic cleavagy top. Round or V-neck. Once again, they are funky! But they mostly show off her shapes! She might use this other Burdastyle pattern. She could funk it up or funk it down. The scarf is playful and she could totally wear one of her favorite cardigans on top!

What is specific to Penelope Garcia's style?
Well, her accessories! Hairpieces, belts, necklaces, quirky tights, and hairdo! She changes her hair color quite often, and goes from blond, to brunette, or to ginger! She also has the odd highlights in bright colors...
Mostly, I like her, and the actress in real life... She always shows off her curvy bits and is not afraid to do things that stylist would veto! That is something that is quite rare these "formatted" times.

What would I steal from her wardrobe?
Her tights! dresses and jackets! I might actually already have some of them :s...

Here we go!!! That's it for this TV Thursday! For next week, I already have a long list of ideas!!! I hesitate between three: Joan, from Mad Men; Blair, from Gossip Girl; or Emma Pillsbury from Glee. What do you think?


  1. I love TV Thursday! I am a bit of a TV addict...I watch it whilst I sew. I think you should do Blair next week. Gossip Girl is the best! :)

  2. Now because of you I'm going to have to Netflix past seasons just for her character! Of course I'll watch them while sewing.

    Stay Awesome!

  3. It's worth it, and watching while sewing is exactly what I do ;)

  4. I really dislike the red hair on her. They should go back to blond.

  5. Why is it that all the other styles you showed in this blog were on stick thin models? Totally anti Penelope folks...

  6. It is because they are patterns that go from a size 0 to a size 20 and over... The companies show them on thin models, but you can make them your own in any size you want...
    I actually think that it is P. Garcia... She would take a smaller pattern and make it fit for her, without caring and it would work perfect...

  7. Did anyone watch Criminal Minds this week... I am LOVING Penelope's dress at the beginning (when they were walking out of the movies). It is so awesome, I was just wondering if anyone knew the brand of the dress. Thanks

  8. Can anyone tell me where I can get a cardigan like Penelope's? It has a flower on each side and I want it or the brand or something!

  9. ✿♥‿♥✿ she is great and beautiful ✿♥‿♥✿


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