Saturday, August 7, 2010

Once upon a time...

Let's tell the story on how I ended up spending a rainy evening setting up a blogger account about my sewing adventures!

It all started when I was little... My Grand Ma was a seamstress, and when she looked after me, I always looked at the pretty things she was doing. To stop me from asking her too many questions, she showed me how to do a basic hand-stitching. From then on, I did a LOT of dresses and skirts and tops for my Barbie dolls, which simply consisted in stitches rectangles with a kind of a belt. All material was of course leftovers...

Then I grew up and I stopped thinking of all these moments. For me, the pretty things that my Grand Ma was making looked way too complicated! And I became a teenager, that only swore by H&M, and stupid brands...

Last October, for Halloween, I decided to dress up as Fiona, and my man in Shreck. I then made my first ever dress, with basic hand stitching, and curtain fabric from Ikea :S. That is when I got the virus! After our Halloween party, I told everyone I wanted a sewing machine, and repeated it (I am very good at hammering ideas in people's heads). What was my surprise to get a shiny sewing machine from my Grand Ma and Godfather on Christmas eve!

It took me a few months to brace myself, buy a few Burdastyle magazines, discover its website and get a couple of fabrics. And I finally got started in April!

Et Voila!

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