Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mission accomplished! Mister's vest!

Aaaaah! The wait is over! The vest is finished!

I am actually very happy about it, and so is Mister. Apart from the welt pockets, it went really well. Since yesterday, I have

- pinned the linings to the outsides and sewn them together
- pressed it nicely
- shoulders together
- slipped the seam allowance in the lining so everything is pretty
- sewn around the belt buccle
- done the button holes
- sewn the buttons
- tadaaaa!

It so happens that today was the one year anniversary of Mister and Me living together. Isn't this a nice present?

I really think I am over welt pockets for a while... However, Mister pleaded that I start the second vest soon, I even have proof. I don't agree! First it is going to be my Frock by Friday, and then a pink 60s skirt, and then a coat... But look at his cute eyes... Almost worse than Puss in Boots!


  1. Congrats! After all, the vest turned out to be very nice I think! He must be really happy!

  2. Impressionnant! sérieux chapeau! Je suis fan des photos également.
    Ce que j'aime aussi c'est repérer la ikea touch par ci par là. Exemple un centre rouge ou le super-génialisisme barbecue portable au pied du mannequin homme ;-)
    Mannequin qui se donne à fond pour les photos!

    Ps: Tu me tiens une place pour tout tes défiler!


  3. Good job on the vest! Love the poses my mister....

  4. That looks really good.
    I don't know enough about sewing to understanding the craftsmanship, but the end product is impressive.

  5. I thought you had a link to the pattern! It so nice I'd like to get one for me!

  6. I thought there would be a link to the pattern! It looks really fine and I'd like one like it for me!


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