Saturday, September 3, 2011

The wrap (s)

Hi guys!
This post will be brought to you by TGV France! Right now, I am traveling in first class between Valence and Nantes, in France. And no, it's not a vacation, it is for work... But there are worst things in life right?

Today, I am doing a double post! Two dresses in one. One long, one short. One new fabric, one old from my Grand Ma's stash! Both were made with the same Burda pattern. It was in the April edition, but it actually is not available on the Burdastyle website. I have no clue why, because it was one of my favorites from that issue! For the magazine, they had made it in a nice flowy flower-y fabric. It was a little bit Liberty-like.

For the little story, I saw it back in April and I instantly liked it. It was back when I started my job, back when I thought I could keep on blogging every evening (by the way, I bow to any one of you girls/guys that manage!!!). April was kind of warm in Belgium and in The Netherlands, and I wanted to make a quick/easy/light dress for my training in Belgium. I had a nice thin plum and grey cotton I had bought a few months before. I was ready!

This pattern is only available up to a size 44 (European), so I did my usual upgrading trick. It was not really complicated. One back pannel, and two front ones. No darts... When you look at the technical drawing, it looks almost like a kimono, which makes it comfy, but the end result is really prettier then I expected...

It only took my Sunday to assemble and finish this one. I have just added stabilizing tape around the side hems and the sleeve arm holes. I have also forgotten about the pockets... I really LOVE the result. It is really flattering, and comfy, and light for warm days.

Two weeks later, I started getting really tired in the evenings, but I wanted to saw more and more. Also, in my travels back home, I read a LOT of magazines and I came across a few articles about the McQueen Resort collection, and great pictures of Mila Kunis in THIS gorgeous Maxi Dress.

I somehow remembered that I had a fabric almost like that in my stash. It came from my Grand Ma.
I was also being pretty lazy, so I just lengthened the same pattern I had used two weeks before. I also chose to not add the sleeves caps.

When it came to adding a belt, I had absolutely no fabric left and I tried to figure out something interesting to do. I remembered I had some black bits somewhere and I had the idea of a multiple belt. Kind of like an Obi belt... I ended up with three black straps for each front panel. Which means that the dress works so much better with my black shoes and a black cardi...

That is kind of it... I must admit, these dresses have been the ones I wore the most this summer. If the pattern was on Burdastyle, I would completely recommend everyone to give it a try, because it gives such a great instant gratification! I think that it would also be a great Tunic, slightly shorter then the dress.

What do you think?

Do you like wrap dresses?

Have you ever sewn one?

PS: Ok guys, I just got stuck with the train for 40 minutes in Paris, and it means I am going to prepare another post! I'll go for a Vogue number!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Un Beignet á l'Orange

Hello Earth!
I am currently back from the moon. Once again, it has been ages since I posted something, I know, but this time, I will not say that it is going to change completely. I have very long days at work, and I cannot seem to keep an empty week end. And the little Me-Time left, I sew... I also read blogs, and everyone is doing amazingly!

- Novita is making me think of my Grand Ma, as she posts about her mother.
- Alexandra makes me want to sew lingerie and to get a cute big dog!
- Carolyn and I must have bought the same book within the same hour.
- Mary makes me want to sew more Colette Patterns!
- Thanks to Alana, I know that a Colette Patterns book IS COMING!
- Liza Jane keeps on showing simple and cute things.
- Oona amazes me every time she does something. The bombshell dress was GORGEOUS!
- Tanitisis makes me want to sew for children, and to sew jeans...
- Patty became my favorite blogger. Honestly, I just want to do everything like her! Work in a sewing shop, give classes, have an awesome garage/sewing room, be patient enough to do patchwork, and go on week ends in a barn! And have a dog!
- Of course, I still love Gertie and Peter... They will always be my first loves ;)

But today is a great day!!! We took pictures of everything I finished in the past few months! 8 things! And today, I will reveal my lovely Beignet! The Beignet is one of the first Colette Patterns that was online. At first, I thought that it was not that exciting. But this is a pattern that slowly crept up on me. I saw a few bloggers' finished ones. I am also looking for different types of skirts as I seem to keep on going for A-line/ semi-circle ones.

DISCLAIMER: A few weeks ago, I took it out and worked on the pieces to upgrade it. The muslin was fitting great. As you will see in the next pictures, the waist in now too large... Especially at the back. That is good and not good... I have been losing weight (I bicycle more than an hour/day), Yeay! But it is a shame that the fit is already less good...

No, Patty, I did not copy the EXPEDIT... We already had it ;)

Anyway, as usual, the pattern was a pleasure. And I used almost no fabric for it! Colette patterns tend to be slightly addictive. I suspect Sarai to slip magic powder between the pages! The Beignet allows so many little cute details! And I went all out for this skirt!

1) ORANGE fabric!!!
2) Cute white and orange buttons. I love the contrast!
3) White fabric with orange polka dots for the lining. I wish I had bought more to make a blouse out of it!
4) White trimming for the hem of the lining, sewn on with orange thread...
5) And the whole thing works great with my shoes!

I got a little annoyed at those curves though... I know, it looks great afterwards, but even with clps and notches, I struggled...

I hand-stitched a blind hem. That was quite an achievement!

 Ans I am completely in love with the hem of my lining. For the first time, I used that decorative stitch of my machine. And let me tell you, I will do it again!

And of course, We will not part before a close shot of my shoes! I got them for sale in London! Right after visiting the Liberty Fabrics original shop!!!

That's all folks! All the pictures for the next post are ready! Which reveal would you like to see the most?

- 2 wrap dresses from the same Burda pattern?
- a Burda navy dress?
- a Vogue blouse?
- a Tracy Reese Vogue dress?
- a Vogue Cynthia Steffe dress?

It is yours to choose ;)

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The come back skirt

Hello peeps!

My last post was mid-april! Which makes 2 months without anything! Crazy right? Well, for my defense, I did have a month of training abroad, and then another month with the new job AND the Dutch course to study in the evening! Which is no more, because I passed the end exam lat week, and I passed with very nice grades! Yeay!

As long as sewing goes, I have finished a few pieces, and it is finally time to get out and take the pictures with Mister. And today, I introduce you the first thing I finished in April: a Semi-Circle Grey skirt!!!

With my Crepe blouse and my rain boots :)
I wanted a basic piece for work that is flattering and versatile. Something cute that you can wear with sober tones or with flashy colors! I have drafted the semi-circle pattern, which was pretty straight-forward. I have also decided to use a few extra details...

It has been raining during the whole month, and I just wish it was sunny yet!

- I wanted a high belt piece that does not lose its shape after 3 hours... This is why I fused a few layers of interfacing and topstitches a few raws on it. It is now nice and solid. It provides a very nice shape that cinches the waist in.

- I used some horsehair braid at the hem to give even more shape to the skirt. I do not like when they fall flat... And, at that time, Gertie was posting about them. It is actually so easy to use and it gives an instant reward!

- I wanted a fluffy lining. This is why I have actually cut a circle skirt for it. It was my first one ever, and it is so so easy too. I have added a cute trimming to it. You do not see it when I walk or sit or anything, but I know that it is there, and it is the most important.

And here we go... There are quite a few projects to come (dresses, dresses, and dresses...) AND a giveaway. This one will be a completely worth it! Trust me!!!

I am so glad that I am finally coming back to this!!! Have a very nice Sunday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flounce and dotty blouse

Hello everyone! I hope you are all feeling great. Here, I had a pretty big Dutch exam, which I passed with a very nice grade. I am also preparing for the new job starting on Thursday... Brrr... I am feeling a bit stressed, but it is a good stress. I have no clue ow I will get organized. I will be away from home until 18:30. Then, I will have to do daily stuff, and find 20 hours per week at least to work on my Dutch course.  And I really should start thinking about organizing our wedding. When will I sew???

Very dear readers, I need your help. I am sure that a lot of you have a job, children, and a lot of obligations. How do you make time for sewing?

Enough with the complaining, and let's get to work! If you remember well, I have been in a blouse sewing frenzy since Me-Made March started. Today, it is time to uncover the last installment of the blouse trilogy. I used a pattern from Burdastyle magazine (4/2010). This is a blouse that has a flounce detail around the neckline. I used a polka dot flowy fabric that comes from my grand-ma's stash. Pink and grey. I also used grey bias.

The pattern was very straightforward and the bust darts were at perfect height. Although, I have made a few changes.

(a) Of course, I upgraded the whole thing... As every Burda non-plus size pattern, it grades only to a 44 and I obviously need way much more.
(b) I cut a second yoke to line the inside.
(c) I lengthened it (5 centimeters) to make it long enough to wear on top of trousers/jeans.
(d) I used bias all around the neckline, armholes, and the flounce.
(e) I have sewn in 2 hooks and eyes to hold the cleavage in place (it goes down down down!)
(f) I have deepened the back darts, to adjust the sway-back.

I am very happy that it works great with cardigans, and also with vests. It also work equally good with skirts and jeans. It is long enough for jeans and is also pretty when in it tucked in a skirt.

I also wanted a blouse that would take me through summer. And, indeed, it is light enough to keep you fresh. I can assure you that because we wanted to take pictures outside and it was 8 degrees or so (Celsius). Brrrr, I still shiver when I think about it.

And that's it!

What do you think?
Any tips about how to incorporate sewing in busy days?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Me-Made-March: The end...

Hello everyone!

Can you imagine that March is already gone! And Me-Made-March with it? I had so much fun taking daily pictures. Every time, I would meet up with my Mister, and every time, it felt like a cheesy teenager-y date! During this month, I got so productive! And I tried to fill self made gaps in my wardrobe: mainly blouses, and a simple dress that could be paired up with many cardis and colors. Here are the last days!

Day 22: This became my favorite dress!

Day 23: Mmmmm, sunshine, one of my 3 MMM blouses!

Day 24: I became yellow addicted, here is a MM dress!

Day 25: Me Made dress, with a pink belt!

Day 26: My first lazy Me-Made outfit... I really wanted to wear my petticoat, so this time, I am only wearing my Me-Made yellow bow, on the top of my head ;)

Day 27: My MMM blouse number two!

Day 28: The tunic is one of my oldest projects, and I still love it!

Day 29: I really like this outfit, I tried to roll my jeans hem, and I will completely adopt it more often. Me-Made blouse again...

Day 30: Second and last lazy outfit. I was cranky because it was raining and all I have for you is my wet Me-Made coat!

Day 31: last day and sneak peak on my Me-Made blouse number 3!

I am going to attempt a summery panorama... Tadaaa! *day 6 is missing, but it was my peplum jacket and the picture of day 14 is still lost...*































Now, my top 5 is: Days 4, 10, 22, 29, 31. And my all time favorite must be day 10!

To the conclusion!
1) I cannot wait for Self-Stitched-September!
2)I will have to improve a few skills, photoshop anyone? I love Patty's awesome global picture!
3) I need to get cracking on pants!
4) I could use 2 other basic skirts
5) I should try to customize a few cardigans

What is YOUR favorite?
Did you participate to Me-Made March?
If yes, leave me a link, pleaaase?
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