Friday, August 27, 2010

My Burberry nights...

I am done! 
And wearing my brand new red hat!
And I've used my boots for the first time after the summer!

As you can/could read for the past two weeks, I have been busy with this Burberry obsession of mine. I have used. I am using a gorgeous woolen checked fabric, with a Burda pattern from the May issue (#137). Since the last episode, I got a lot of things done!

1) Stitch the top and the bottom together
2) Figure out where my hem is going to be
3) Put the length evenly
4) Blind stitch it (for my first time ever as I usually am very lazy and do machine straight lines...), and fuse it
5) Make my own buttons with leftover fabric
6) Sew my buttons on
7) Sew my button holes

Here you go with closer shots! Down here are pictures of my blind hem (first one I have ever made), my collar (checked bottom, cream top), my sleeves, my cream folds.

And then, I had fun and jumped from plot to plot, of course, my Mister took more pictures...

Ok, they are less flattering, but I had so so much fun!

What do you think of the whole project?


  1. So cute and stylish! I love it with the boots and the pop of red in your hat. What an amazing job.

  2. I love that you post the progress of this dress, I can feel how you really enjoyed making it. I want to make a shirt dress too now! The collar of your dress is my favourite part!

  3. So lovely! I love your red hat. And great job on the blind hem. I've yet to do one. I stick with the lazy shirt hem on pretty much everything.

  4. Thank you
    @ Verypurpleperson: it is very funny to post the progress. I also pay more attention to the in-between baby steps as I just discovered how important they are...
    @ Lizajane: Well, I felt like trying, and it is totally worth it. I have a lovely book that explains a lot of blind hem opportunities!


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