Sunday, August 15, 2010

The pleat/pencil skirt

I am done! DONE I am telling you! Here is a little flash forward to the end result...

Let's rewind... Why this project? 1)When I decided to start this blog, I had traveled on the world wide web to look at a few blogs. Then, I clicked on links and links and links and I ended up on GREAT blogs. I discovered that sewing was also paying attention to details.  2) I got really inspired. I am also currently going to a few job interviews and in need of corporate kind of clothing. 3) I watched Tim Gunn's TV show and it struck me that I didn't have any pencil skirt, one of his essentials. 4) In the last BURDASTYLE I purchased, they actually had one in the plus size department, that could hide my fatty bits. SO, I HAD TO DO THIS ONE!

I wanted to do it properly, especially as I got a GREAT fabric for it, way more expensive then usual. I is wool, and a little stretchy. A dark grey.  For the lining, I chose a deep dark red color. The contrast is so so so nice. I have some leftover that I kept for later to make a cute little vest. In previous posts, you can see the first steps.

Today, I have sewn in the lining. Sadly, the pattern of the front didn't correspond to the measurements so I had to undo the foldings. I kind of fixed it with a double face iron on tape on the inside bit of the lining. I think it'll be fine.

My boyfriend even took a few pictures while I was sewing around the slit...

Focused eh? Anyway, here are the photos of the finished skirt. Enjoy!

Here you go. I hope you like it! Next is... A shirt dress with a Burberry kind of fabric! I cannot wait!


  1. I love the red lining! Such a Louboutin twist..

  2. Just need the shoes to go with it now :S

  3. Your skirt is soooooo cute! I was just looking at pencil skirt patterns today and none of them were cute enough. This one, though is magical!! Great job, looks adorable on you!

  4. I love the asymmetrical pleats. I like your action shot, too :)

  5. @ Aurora: That is also why I like this one! I think that in the december issue of burda 2009, they have a non plus-size version...
    @Lizajane: I think that the fact I have a blog amuses my boyfriend immensely! Therefore, he participates with photos!A LOT of them!

  6. Oh my- Have I just finally stumbled upon a plus size sewing blog- praise the lord! Praise Allah! Praise it all! I've been looking for this kind of blog for awhile...thank you for blogging about these adventures in sewing!


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