Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back on the saddle, and introducing the kitties!

Last week end, Mister asked me when I last posted an entry on my blog. I looked, and it was in September 2011 ! Almost a year and a half ago...

So many things happened since then : I kept on working on my full time job, winter arrived, I planned a wedding (mine by the way!!!), we bought a house, we moved in the house, we went on a honeymoon and we adopted two lovely kittens ! All those days, I never really stopped sewing, but the amount of time and energy I had available for my crafty hobby was fully used for the actual sewing, and there was none left to write notes or take pictures to document said notes.

Introducing Wellington (the contortionist) and Napoleon (with the white nose)

I have now decided that I had to take more time for this blog, because I really enjoy it, and I miss it. Also because people kept on suscribing to it ! I have a lot of ideas of what I could write about. There are quite a few projects I have finished, involving Colette and Gertie patterns. But I thought that today would be a GREAT catch up on the last year, and especially on wedding related things:)

We had not one but TWO weddings. The first small one was the legal one, in the Netherlands, where we live with just the close family and friends. On a lovely July monday morning, we walked to the town hall to get officially married by the mayor. For that day, I actually made my own dress !
I had already purchased my big traditional wedding ceremony dress (coming in a later post) and I wanted something more quirky for that day, and mostly, something I could sew up in a week end, for less than 100 EUROS ! Challenge accepted !

I wanted a few things :
  • lace all over
  • a pop of colour
  • bare shoulders
  • short at the front and long at the back

I already had a brilliant idea for the lace. Where do you get cheap lace looking fabric in big pannels ? In IKEA ! And yes, I did buy curtains for almost nothing ! I also got a nice white fabric that had a minty sheen to it, to pair the lace with. And finally, I decided to go for a contrasting green lining. Ok, some of you may think that green does not bring any luck, but I thought that that was THE occasion to go extra crazy :)

Now, for the pattern, I stole a random top from one of my Burdas and I added an asymetric simple circle skirt to it. This was also my first attempt at boning, and I found those rigilene strips quite straightforward. They are so easy to sew on ! I have also made a simple belt with the contrasting lining. Now, we don't have a lot of pictures of that day, as it was a simple family lunch. But I'm sure you will get a great idea with this. This is me, and my lovely family :)

That's it for the first post! The next one will be about our big wedding day in Belgium! With the big dress. I will also talk about the bridesmaids dresses I made, all from different patterns but with the same fabric. Plus the dress of our cute flower girl!
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