Sunday, August 8, 2010

My 12 first projects

So far so good? Hum...

I still think my first projects look cute. But when you look closely at the finitions, well, it's an other story ;) They all are on Burdastyle on my profile here.

1. Cherries dress 2. Polka dots dress

3. Stripy Marilyn top, with navy skirt 4. Patchwork shirt

5. Maxi dress6. Climbing lizard dress

7. Summer jacket8. Birthday man: apron

9. Greenhouse dress10. Marilyn Polka

11. Go go green!12. Shift dots


  1. They all look awesome. I've always admired your stuff on Burda. You have such style! And yay for blogging-- I started about a month ago. I'm going to follow yours if you don't mind because I'm excited to see what you post next!

  2. I like all of them! Cannot believe that you didn't sew already for the half of your lifetime!

  3. Ah! Do you realize that I used a sewing machine for the first time this April?

  4. Really? What did you do before? You would not tell me that you made your dresses by hand, would you???!!

  5. Only one for Halloween. Actually, I have started sewing real clothing (all of the above) only in April...


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