Monday, August 9, 2010

Zoo PJ romper!

Disclaimer: this outfit is not made to make me look good. At all!

Back in April, I went to an indoors fabric market in Antwerp. I had 1 euro left from my budget, so I got a meter of a crazy children fabric that has zoo animals on it! Then, I thought… What can I actually do with a single meter… Knowing that I am not that thin! Shorts! Yeay!

In a crazy pre-sleep state, I imagined it as a romper with a tricot fabric. And here we go! I picked ideas from various patterns, but in the end, it’s just PJs ;)

To "pimp it up", I have added buttons in the front, and sewn on more zoo fabric. Monkeys, giraffes, and a princess frog!!!

In the end, my romper feels so nice and comfy! Though not that flattering, this is why you will only see a few angles of the result on me... Indeed, my lovely man almost compared me to Spongebob!

Let's end with the "hanged" result...

Let's just say that that was a lot of fun, as I needed to sew something easy after my evil bridesmaid dresses!!! Tomorrow, I start my first ever pencil skirt! With a twist!

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