Sunday, June 26, 2011

The come back skirt

Hello peeps!

My last post was mid-april! Which makes 2 months without anything! Crazy right? Well, for my defense, I did have a month of training abroad, and then another month with the new job AND the Dutch course to study in the evening! Which is no more, because I passed the end exam lat week, and I passed with very nice grades! Yeay!

As long as sewing goes, I have finished a few pieces, and it is finally time to get out and take the pictures with Mister. And today, I introduce you the first thing I finished in April: a Semi-Circle Grey skirt!!!

With my Crepe blouse and my rain boots :)
I wanted a basic piece for work that is flattering and versatile. Something cute that you can wear with sober tones or with flashy colors! I have drafted the semi-circle pattern, which was pretty straight-forward. I have also decided to use a few extra details...

It has been raining during the whole month, and I just wish it was sunny yet!

- I wanted a high belt piece that does not lose its shape after 3 hours... This is why I fused a few layers of interfacing and topstitches a few raws on it. It is now nice and solid. It provides a very nice shape that cinches the waist in.

- I used some horsehair braid at the hem to give even more shape to the skirt. I do not like when they fall flat... And, at that time, Gertie was posting about them. It is actually so easy to use and it gives an instant reward!

- I wanted a fluffy lining. This is why I have actually cut a circle skirt for it. It was my first one ever, and it is so so easy too. I have added a cute trimming to it. You do not see it when I walk or sit or anything, but I know that it is there, and it is the most important.

And here we go... There are quite a few projects to come (dresses, dresses, and dresses...) AND a giveaway. This one will be a completely worth it! Trust me!!!

I am so glad that I am finally coming back to this!!! Have a very nice Sunday!
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