Sunday, March 22, 2015

Introducing the Little One

Dear friends,

I love sewing and I love blogging. I also love sleeping at night. Unfortunately, I learned in the last few months that combining the all with a pregnancy or young baby is very very hard !

I must confess that I have been a bad blogger, both on QuirkyPrettyCute and on the CSC. The last trimester has been incredibly hard to combine with work, and the first two month of my little boy's life have been a a mix of joy, discovery and sleep deprivation.

Meet our little Oscar ! He was born on Jan 16th. He is doing great and is filling our lives with so much happiness ! I may be biased but I think that he looks like the most beautiful smiling baby in the world !

Tee made with leftover bits of fabrics! Yeay for holding on to scraps!

Now, let's come back to sewing ! I have a backlog of unblogged little things. Maternity clothing and baby clothing. I even have a couple of nursing items. I am not sure about when I will find the time to write though. Indeed, in the last few months, I had to chose between sewing or writing about sewing. Until now, I have mostly been attracted to the quick fixes of small projects. Little things I found easy are now a thing of the past :
  • getting all dressed up and apply make up on before taking photos
  • actually shooting the photos
  • processing the said photos
  • researching documentation or links
  • drafting a post

But there is hope ! Oscar is now starting to sleep more regularly and play by himself, giving a few 30-60 minutes breaks a day when he power naps. We are usually going for a walk during his longer naps. That means that I can start typing things more often.

Sewing mums, I would love it if you could send me tips ! When do you sew ? When do you blog ? Do you sew for your little one ?
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