Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progress on my Burberry inspired dress

Hello, hello! Long time no post! I just came back from a gorgeous surprise birthday week end in Spa, in Belgium, the town where the word "Spa" comes from! It was a PERFECT mini trip and we walked to so many beautiful places! And I even got sunburnt... Typical me!

Anyway, when we dropped our suitcases in the apartment yesterday, I saw my Burb' dress project on the table. I could *see* it was feeling lonely and left aside... Who am I to abandon it for a whole week end! In the evening, I got to work a little bit on it.

At the moment, the top part is almost finished, folds and collar included. I really like the contrast of the cream color and of the fashion fabric.

For this dress, I have paid a LOT of attention to details! My darts are secured properly, and reinforced. My collar in interfaced. My sleeves are reinforced as well. The collar is very very neat (compared to the previous ones that I have made).

Today, I had a job interview, so I didn't have that much time to sew anything yet. However, I got started on the folds on the skirt (that is already assembled). I have also pinned it to the top while my Mister was uploading the photos we just took of the top. There is still a LOT do be done!

1) Stitch the top and the bottom together
2) Figure out where my hem is going to be
3) Put the length evenly
4) Blind stitch it (for my first time ever as I usually am very lazy and do machine straight lines...)
5) Make my own buttons with leftover fabric
6) Sew my buttons on
7) Sew my button holes
8) Probably something else if things don't work as planned...

Let's get busy!


  1. Looks good so far!

    By the way, I have given your blog an award! :)

  2. Oh! Yeay! I'll write something about that tomorrow :D

  3. Love the fashion fabric, I'm excited to see this garment finished!

  4. Hello! I've just stumbled across your blog via Burdaystyle.com I'm so glad I've come across it. I love the look of this pattern. I've never attempted making clothes for myself before, but I've got a sewing machine and I think it's time I put it to good use! I may need to call on your for help!! :/

  5. Call on anytime ;) I will do my best to try and help!


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