Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wayfarer Dress: autumn happiness!

Tataaaaaa! I am so happy with the way it turned out!

Let's recap. I decided to sew the Rachel Comey Wayfarer Dress that is available at Vogue (V1209). I went through two muslins, and one became one of my favorite blouses!

We went to take pictures in front of our place and I must repeat it, I love fall! I love the colors of the leaves! It gives a warm and cozy feeling! But back to the dress. I love the way the wool fabric looks in the daylight, almost like linen.

I have been wearing it all day yesterday, as I went to yet another job interview in Amsterdam. And that dress made me feel special, like none else had the same one. Also, it kept me SO warm! OK, it is wool, but would not have thought it would work that well!

I love the back V-cut. Of, course, I wore my cardigan over it yesterday... Of course, you can see a tiny bit of my bra, blame the Mister for it... He didn't mention it when he was taking the pictures. Also, Helloooooooo peplum! This is the first peplum I have ever made! And I love it!

We also took a few close ups for you:

View of my pretty lining. It is so smooth on the skin!

The peplum

The front gathering and the curved seam

The hem (inside view)

Lining hem

Sleeve peekaboo!

To sum up everything, I am so so so happy!


  1. Love the super girly style with the more sedate fabric. And peplum's are totally your thing - perfect on you!

  2. The back is just fabulous. And great choice of fabric, too.

  3. Hi Laurwyn,
    We thought you did such a great job with this dress that we posted a link to your blog from our Vogue Patterns facebook page. Check it out.

  4. You look beautiful!! What a talent!

  5. Wow! Your construction is really good and the dress looks beautiful on you! Love the fabric choices too.

  6. Love it - so flattering and perfect for fall! My husband also never tells me things like "I can see your bra" when taking photos - maybe they just don't notice?

  7. You did amazing job!

  8. Beautifully sewn and very flattering style...kudos!

  9. would you be able to do a tutorial one day? i love your outfits. true inspiration

  10. Thank you so so much for this big bunch of comments!

    First, getting a link on Vogue Pattern's facebook page is so flattering!

    Second, I am so happy that a Plus Size adjusted dress looks good.

    And @ Skratchd: I would really enjoy doing a tutorial, but what were you thinking about?

  11. Beautiful dress. So nicely and well done. Great work!

  12. Wow, Laurwyn! It looks amazing - I skippped over it on the vogue website thinking it would never work being so low in the back (no way on earth I can escape needing a bra) but you've done it!

  13. OMG!! This is insanely gorgeous. I can't stand how adorable you are, how awesome this turned out, or how much I love that peplum!!

  14. hay cutie! You are the more sensibly dressed plus size sewing counterpart to my ridiculously loud plus size sewing!! I really like this dress pattern. You rock the peplum! I don't even do peplums; this is impressive!


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