Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bloomers and man pants!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope that your week end was full of fun or relaxing. Mine had a bit of both. On Saturday, I went to Amsterdam again to explore a few fabric shopping addresses I had found online. I came back happy with a lot of ideas in my head and two fabrics (I will post about that in my next haul). We had diner in a cute Italian restaurant there (yummy pizza with a thin crust).

On Sunday, I mainly drew out a muslin for men pants. I promised my Mister I would make him some. The first issue I encountered is that you do not find a lot of patterns for men. I went through old-ish Burdas from my Grand Ma (90's, 80's), and I found only a few that were a tad outdated. But then, the December issue of Knipmode (a dutch pattern magazine) came out and they had 5 male patterns.

I have therefore spent my Sunday afternoon/evening tracing the pattern and making a muslin. And guess what? AAAAArggggggghhhhh! The pants were too big! I have to do it again... But in a week or two...

Last week, I have also tried to make Colette Patterns' free Bloomers! That was a quick fix! I had to upgrade them a little bit though. I am thinking about using this pattern as a base for Christmas presents for my young-ish friends or family members. That's also why I tried it on an old fabric, with unused ribbon. And I am so so so, so happy with the result! Now I only need their measurements ;)

Of course, I am not modeling ;)
There is only so much I can show ;)

I wonder if my friends/family would like that as a present, would you?

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