Friday, November 5, 2010

Burdastyle: November 2010

Ok, it is a little bit late for it, but I thought that a little Burdastyle blogging could be fun. Here are my thoughts about the November issue!

In this issue, you see the return of the evening dresses! As usual, it has a few features: warm fabrics, party clothing, Orient express, at work, children, and the plus size. I'll be blunt. This is not my favorite issue. Even if the photos are really really nice. Let's do the bad points first, and finish off with the good points.

What are they doing to their coats? They are all almost shapeless. Ok, you can cinch them at the waist with a belt, but the look like something is missing to me... They have other shapeless pieces too, like an asymmetric dress that has no waist whatsoever. I guess that they could work on a woman that has a boyish shape...

But I have a top 3 ;)

Weirdly enough, they have my favorite piece so far in this issue: a very simple dress that reminds me of the latest Louis Vuitton collection. In the magazine, you can see it long, short, in heavy wool or in party fabrics. And I totally agree. I love the idea of having it as a winter warm dress...

They also have a plus size dress that is almost the same as the one I made for my mum. But it is better for two reasons! First, the neckline is a sweetheart shape on the front. Second, the flattering pleats are ALSO on the back, which adds a nice hourglass impression.

My last favorite is actually a pencil skirt. If you have been following this blog, you already know that I love pencil skirts, but that it is really hard for me to find one that works, as they usually show a part of my body that is not my best asset ;). Therefore, I try to find a pencil skirt that has *something* on it that camouflages those bits. This one would maybe work.

And you, what are your faves of the November issue?

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  1. Great pieces, I love this pencil skirt pattern, a cool take on a classic.


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