Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gertie's coat sew along marathon week: DAY 4

Those two days have been crazy! Including an IKEA trip this morning! This is why you'll have day 4 and day 5 today: collar, sleeves and hem are on the menu. And there is a lot coming!

I am happier after these steps. The coat is starting to have a life of its own! It all started getting better when I added the sleeves to the rest of the body of the coat.

Don't they look pretty?

The seams are pressed open and catstitched

Doesn't it look so much better?

Even the back looks better...

It looks like the collar is not shaped, but there is another piece to it that you don't see here.

 And then, I got started on the lining. When I first chose my fabrics, I was going to use a polka dots kind of fabric. It was blue with yellow dots. But after a while, I kept on thinking: why not using this yellow/mosterd fabric I have in my stash? And I have gradually changed my mind. It is not a lining fabric per se, as it is a cotton but it is soft and slides enough to work as a lining. It will also make my coat a bit warmer as my wool is quite thin.

The back.

The back ease, ironed and everything.

Wrong side.

Both front pieces

The back side pieces.

I have also hemmed the coat and the sleeves with my sticky magic thing!

And I have interfaced the facing pieces.

Quite a bit of work done, right! I am quite happy with all of this! It is really starting to shape up! And I am finally seeing an end to this huge project!

Tomorrow is Sunday and it will be a holiday. I will be back on Monday for day 6, which will be the about facing , interfacing, buttons and a small belt! Have a good week end...


  1. Wow, so much progress! Almost there... hooray.

  2. Your coat is getting better and better!


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