Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rebecca Taylor blouse: evil sleeves!

I have been busy figuring out the instructions of the Rebecca Taylor blouse. For the first time ever, I am using the seam allowance system and I must say that it is pretty neat, but I still fear that it can be dangerous if something is too narrow. I have also decided to not use the fringes on the ruffles. Anyway, I am enjoying the process of getting to know this blouse and I am taking my time for it...

My first conclusion is that the front and the back are fairly easy: sew the tucks in. Easy but laborious! They have to be folded and sewn 1/4'' (6mm) from the fold line. I became slightly crazy during the process. However, it is totally worth it. It creates a beautiful drape from the waist down.



My second conclusion is that the loopy thingy in the middle was quite annoying to make! There are so many layers of the fabric with the pleats that it feels quite bulky. I guess it looks ok though.

My third conclusion is that the sleeves are hell! They are made of three pieces plus the ruffle that has to be sewn in between! I made a muslin of one sleeve just to understand how it worked. It took me hours, and I am usually a smartie...

I actually like the ruffles more than I expected to... Today, I only had the time to make one of the sleeves in my fashion fabric. And I am pretty happy so far.

I have reinforced the gathering line of the shoulder

Here is what it will look like. I haven't hemmed it yet though)
almost everything is french seamed!

My last conclusion is that making ruffles with a jersey fabric is not great, because their hem gets bulky too but it adds a kind of twist that works.

Tune in tomorrow for (hopefully) the finished garment!

PS: Does anyone know how to use a rolled hem foot?


  1. Your tucks look great! I'm a fan of them.

  2. This is an amazing shirt, I look forward to seeing the final piece! On my serger at school theres just a "R" selection we use to make a rolled hem, no special foot required.... Not sure that helps?

  3. Coming along well. And fast! Maybe you'll make me reconsider this pattern as well! lol I have a useless tip on the rolled hem foot (on a regular sewing machine, were you asking about an overlock?): practice, practice, practice. That's how I got ht ehang of it tn to be honest, I'm not sure I'd succeed with jersey! Did you consider doing a baby hem instead?

  4. Nice colour! I do have a rolled hem foot. You have to insert the fabric in a special way (I can send you a photo with instructions). But in my opinion, it is useful mostly for lightweight fabrics (chiffon, silk, lightweight cotton, ...). I would not recommend it for jersey, it is pretty difficult to make it look beautiful, due to the stretchiness of the fabric. I would use a twin needle for nice finish.

  5. Thank you s much for your advice (rolled hem foot). In the end, I have decided against using it for this project. But I'll definitively try it with a thinner fabric.
    I wish i had a twin needle! I know that my grand ma has one. I might try to borrow it... *cheeky grin*

  6. The blouse looks great so far. Can't wait to see the finished garment!


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