Thursday, November 18, 2010

TV Thursday: Hermione Granger

What? Who? Why?

I know, TV Thursday is meant to be about TV, but this week, it is about a movie character! So why that sudden change? Well, as you may have read yesterday, I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. As the fangirl that I am, I had to link my old passion to my new one: sewing...

Therefore, this week, I give you Hermione Granger!

I tried to remember what she wore in this movie (and this movie only) and I did a bit of googling. I decided on a few essentials: a dress, a big cardigan, pants, a coat, and a shirt.

I must say that she was not the most glamorous lady in this one, but we still have a cute dress. She wore it at the wedding of Ron's brother and Fleur Delacour. It is a very pretty number. I love how simple it is and the delicate use of ruffles. I went for a Laura Ashley dress from Mc Call's. It is pretty simple and, if you reduce the size of the ruffles, you end up with a gorgeous result. It would completely work in red as well!

During the rest of the movie, she's on the road! And she needs basics that are warm and comfy. I like the cardigan that she is wearing in this picture. Especially the collar! I found this pretty Butterick pattern. If you add sleeves to it, it would work fabulously! I love the wrap possibility of it!

On the picture above, you can also see that she has to wear pants! Come on, if you had Snatchers and Death Eaters looking for you, you wouldn't do skirts either! I think that this Vogue pattern would work well. It looks young and comfy but it is still nicely fitted.

Now, my favorite scene was the one were she dances with Harry in the tent. SO innocent and fresh! She is wearing a shirt in there. It is made of a checked fabric. I have picked this Vogue shirt because it has quite a lot of ease around the armholes area. Great for running and all that jazz.

Last but not least, a coat. They might be wizards, but they need to be warm too. Hermione wears that nice and simple coat quite a bit during the second part of the movie. This photo is from the saddest bit of the movie! I even had a few tears going on! What do you think of this classic Vogue number?

Anyway, I must repeat, I loved the movie, here are pics of my adventure that I forgot to upload on yesterday's post ;)

Waiting for the train with my pink "protectears"

In the train (no Hogwards Express) with Mister modeling the "protectears"

In the cinema, between Snape and Bellatrix

Who went to see the movie?
What did you think of it?

Tune in tomorrow for a massive haul!


  1. So lucky! How in the world did you manage to see Harry Potter before it opened? I'm completely jealous, I'm not going to see it until Saturday!
    As always I adore the patterns you have chosen, I definitely want to try the wrap dress and cardigan patterns. Brilliant!

  2. Must say you're so damn cute!


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