Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Wayfarer Dress: the one about the muslins

I got started on the project! Yeay! And it is so much fun!

The first step was to upgrade. I love upgrading patterns. It makes me feel as if I was in geometry class again! I was afraid it might be to much to upgrade as the pattern only goes up to a size 18 and my hips are wayyy larger then a 18... It turned up to work well.

The second step was to actually make a muslin. I was planning on using a slightly heavier wool compared to the fabrics they recommend. Therefore, I have used an old grey fabric I had brought back from my grand ma. I have realized a few things. 1) I have to be more careful with the front gathering. 2) I have to be more precise with the two patches that are applied on top of the gathering.



The third step was to train for the lining. I haven't done any properly lined dress yet. Also, after the first try out, I thought that I could use this muslin and make it wearable. I then used an old pale yellow knit.

The fourth step was to show it to my Grand Ma and my Mum as I went in Belgium for her birthday (cf the birthday dress). My mum liked the dress and tried it on and it kind of worked for her. It gave her a nice hourglass figure. She just has to take in the length of the back (she is shorter than me, but as large). So I gave it to her... This is also why I have no picture of myself with the muslin :S

The fifth step was to try to make the top  part (with the gatherings) a little bit better. This is why I have decided to make a second muslin, but just of the top. I wanted to use that opportunity to make myself a top with a cheap (1 euro) coupon I had gotten a few weeks ago. The only tweak was to lengthen a tiny bit the front part so it would not show the belly button.

And I LOVE it!

I am really happy with the gathering and the fact that it cinches nicely at the waist

Don't you LOVE the peplum? I really must thank my sleeves, because they hide just the floppy arm top...

This is such a gorgeous back!

The only issue now is that I have no skirt or trousers that work with it... Calls for a new project ;)

Do you have any extra suggestion?
Did you see anything to work on, with your tiger eyes?


  1. I love it as a top - I would have never thought of that. I can't wait to see the finished dress in the wool you picked out!

  2. That is an adorable shape on you! I love the back in theory, but in practice (for me, not you, on you it's perfect) - um, no bra?

    That is SCREAMING for a nice pencil skirt! That would be foxy and girly, but not too precious. Yay!

  3. There is a magic bra. I just won't go running with it!

    I was thinking the same about the pencil skirt. This is on the "to be done" pile...

  4. The back is absolutely beautiful. What a great idea to make it a top.

  5. seriously; you are making me re-think my no-peplum rule. you look THAT hot.


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