Thursday, November 11, 2010

TV Thursday: Emma Pillsbury

Hello fellow gleeks!

If you have been watching TV, reading magazines or surfing on fashion blogs, it is impossible to have missed the Glee phenomenon. This week, I have decided to blog about Emma Pillsbury! She dresses exactly the way I would love to dress: with quirky but still feminine and conservative shapes, and with funky colors!

This week, I went all out on Colette patterns because I think that they completely fit her personality. We'll have a dress, a skirt, a blouse, a coat, and something for the night...

Emma Pillsbury is such a skirt/blouse/cardigan kind of girl. This is why I'll start with skirts. She usually goes for pencil skirts that are knee length. I thought that the Beignet would be perfect for her! She would have a lot of fun with the buttons, pairing them with her blouse or cardigan. It has such a precious shape! I would totally make it for myself!

To follow up, let's consider blouses! Most of the time, she wears tops that have a simple vintage print or a plain color. Her tops are fitted, and have cute details. She is a bows girl! I have chosen the Sencha blouse. She would sometimes tuck it in her skirt and she might also make the bow a little bit bigger. As for me, I love the sleeves shape, and the pleats that form the waist. I love the buttons at the back too!

Emma is girly and likes to wear fitted garments. This applies for the dresses. She likes basic shapes and to add accessories to them. To me, the Rooibos would work perfectly, because you can add cute bits around the collar and the pockets. You can also go quietly and add a nice contrasting belt, and/or a cardi! I like both ideas actually... I would totally use a plain fabric and add polka dots around the neck and pockets, but I would oh so pair it with a nice fitted cardigan! Or maybe with an over-sized woolen cardi...

It is fall here, and sometimes feel like winter, and I cannot consider a wardrobe without a coat! Emma goes for colors, and pretty shapes. It is now that I introduce THE coat that the entire blogosphere has been writing about: the Lady Grey!!! It would completely work for her, in a bright color and a nice contrasted lining, with a cute broach and nice precious leather gloves. As for the other patterns, I would love to make it. I had to use another pattern (budget, yeah!) for Gertie's sew along, but I am sure that I will eventually give the Lady Grey a try, probably after I have found my next dream job...

Last but not least, Emma dates the gorgeous John Stamos in this season. Honestly, if he was your special someone, wouldn't you wear cute things in the evening? Cute things like the Cinnamon? Because I would!


That's it for this TV Thursday!

Do not forget my dress give away if you feel like treating yourself or a friend.

I'll post my finished blouse tomorrow if all goes well ;)

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  1. This is a fantastic idea for a series; I can't wait to see what happens next Thursday ;)


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