Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter haul: Colette Patterns and fabrics!

Friday is usually the day where I write the groceries list and other shopping things. However, today, I am writing about what I have already purchased ;). Fabrics to go with Colette Patterns, mainly.

Let's start with a statement! Colette Patterns are a treat! Let's tell the story on how I got to order two of them... (by the way, I am not paid or anything, I just want to spread the love)

I am new in this sewing world (since April) and I discovered various pattern companies. I have started with Burda, Ottobre, Vogue and Knipmode. I first heard about Colette Patterns on Gertie's blog. I looked a little, but I have found the prices higher than my usual budget. My other famous problem had to do with the shipping costs. My last issue had to do that they didn't grade up to my size. So I decided on doing the sew along with another pattern that I already had.

And then, I discovered more blogs where woman were using those patterns, and were praising them, and I actually really loved the results. I started visiting Colette Patterns website more often, drooling a little more. I decided on trying out their free Bloomers pattern. Download, print, upgrade, cut, sew, try on, LOVE. I enjoyed the instructions a lot too. They were clear and the page layout was very pretty too. There was such attention to the small details! The three reasons why I didn't order the Lady Grey a few months earlier were slowly getting hidden behind a growing appeal... I started thinking that the prices were not *that* high for a small company. The shipping cost would be bearable if I ordered more then one pattern. And I became pretty good at upgrading patterns.

A few things made me slide to the Dark Side: Gertie's new sew-along, Patty's gorgeous Crepe, and Alana's Macaron. And the Dark Side of the Force took me... I ordered the Crepe and the Macaron! And I would have ordered more if I could! Ask my Mister ;) After only one week, I have received them and I am DELIGHTED!

They are such a treat! They feel like a bubble bath! I love the booklet in which they are, the glossary, the explanations, the drawings, the layout, the way the pattern is included in the folded booklet... It also makes me feel relaxed, and like taking my time... Weird hey... Anyway, enough blabbering! Let's go on with the haul!

I have ordered the Crepe for Gertie's Sew-along. And I went for a cute grey Jacuard with a pink Batist as contrasty fabric and a pink lining for the facings.

I'll be doing version 2

I love rose and grey together

This is a Jaquard (100% cotton) that has tiny apples as a print

My other order is the Macaron. I will actually try to sew it before the Crepe Sew-along really starts. I got inspired by the "Lace Trend". The dress will be Black, and the contrasting fabric will be a black lace.

I might lengthen a tiny bit the sleeves

I chose a stretchy black lace for comfort

Close up of the lace (97% nylon and 3% spandex)

That's it for the Colette Patterns related items. I have also found this gorgeous fabric in Amsterdam last week end, and the December issue of Burda in the shop today (I'll review next week).

100% cotton Batik

I have the Dutch version

That's it all folks ;)


  1. I love the Crepe dress and the material you have chosen! Glad you enjoyed Harry Potter, i can't wait to see it, i have watched the others so many times, i never get bored of them. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, I am jealous! I have been wanting to do a lace macaron, but I can't bring myself to fork over the 18 bucks for the pattern. :( At least when I finally do I can ask you all about it!

  3. Hi Laurwyn, this is Sarai from Colette Patterns! Thanks for such a lovely review, and it's so gratifying to see how much you're enjoying the patterns already!

    I know the prices can seem high when compared to big companies, but without their scale we can't manage low prices. So I try to give you the best experience instead!

  4. I came to the conclusions that the prices are not a huge issue. I mean that some cheaper things are "everyday things", like buying normal shower gel. Some other things are treats, like those gorgeous bath bombs that are more expensive. The treats happen less often, but you enjoy them even more...

  5. Are you talking me into buying it? :-) I am thinking of getting it for myself for christmas.... I think Macaron with black lace would be perfect for new years.

  6. I'm with Renee on this. I've been obsessing over the Macaron for ages but I'm unemployed and oh, so broke! I'm so glad you're tackling it though, your grading helps me tons :D

  7. Fabric choices are gorgeous, Laurwyn! I can't wait to see them all done up :)

  8. I second Alana! The fabrics look wonderful!


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