Friday, November 12, 2010

Rebecca Taylor blouse: how it turned out!

It is done! Done I am telling you! And I am very happy about the result. Let's get started!

As you may have read, I attacked a new Vogue pattern (V1199): the Rebecca Taylor blouse that was in the fall issue.

I looked online, and Rebecca Taylor blouses retail for around 250$! I especially like this one:

Last time I blogged about it, I was getting over my struggles with the sleeves. Well, a lot happened since then... I have attached the sleeves and I sadly realized that the blouse was WAY TOO BIG!!! It felt weird because I did my usual alterations... And especially for me, if I have a fitting issue, it usually is that something is too small. So, what do you do?

When I say that it was too big, I had to remove something like 2'' (5cm) on each side of the front AND of the back pieces. The neckline was too wide and low and, to be honest, it felt like a potato bag... I had two options: take in at the seams (lovely french seams i had made) or adding middle tucks (hard in the front as there are chest darts hidden in)... I went for the extra darts. And it worked very well actually!

I present to you my lovely blouse!!! Worn with jeans... Tadaa!

I love the global shape of it. It is flattering and comfy. Don't you like the rounded bottom hem?

The pleats hide the bits that I want hidden ;)

The lower neckline at the back is very feminine

This little loop was a bit tricky. I have also used a vintage baby pink of my Grand Ma

The sleeves are so nice and wide. I like their length too!

The ruffles are actually less cheesy then I expected

I am very proud of it! I know that I am going to wear it very often! I also plan on pairing it with a skirt, tucked in. I have finally something nice to pair with trousers!

What do you think of it?
Would you consider this pattern for you?

Don't forget my dress give away if you feel like treating yourselves ;)


  1. This turned out great! You look very pretty and feminine in it! =) I'd definitely consider making this!

  2. I really like the way the back looks, very pretty. I found a tutorial on turning those little button loops using a bobby pin. You may know what I'm talking about but I'll look it up and send it to you if you want. It makes it fabulously easy.

  3. Congrats! It turned out fabulous, and it suits you really well! My compliments for having the courage of adding middle tucks, it really made the difference!

  4. The blouse came out beautiful. I'm glad that you didn't gave up and saved it!

  5. Fabulous blouse. I've been wanting to make that for some time now. Yours is perfect.


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