Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gertie's coat sew along marathon week: DAY 6

Ok, this was a long week end! And after the last double post, I needed to work a bit to have more content. Now, I bring to you day 6: more lining and facings, buttons and belt-thingy. The coat will be finished tomorrow!

I first took care of the belt thingy at the back and of the buttons, before sewing the facing and lining in. I really like the look of the custom made buttons.

It even hides the middle pleat

Aren't they cute?

I never really did those things before, and I want everything to be neat. It is a little bit stressing! Especially as some of the pieces tend to go a tiny bit off (my fault, I asked my Mister to draw the pattern on the fabric). But they are not too off either! In the end, I am very happy with the combo lining/facing. It looks way neater then I would have expected. I have added the sleeves too, but there is no picture of it...

Altogether without the sleeves. I love the collar!

Attaching the collar was very tricky with all those pieces but I really like the result!

Said collar.

Of course, some catstitching!

More catstitching. The shoulders still have to be done.

There is not that much left! I just have to sew the lining/interfacing to the shell, hem the sleeves and the coat, and add a cute detail. Here is a hint...


  1. Your collar is so neat! That looks like the same collar construction I did on my shirtdress that I couldn't master. I'm excited to see the finished product!

  2. Your jacket is really coming together! Congrats on the covered buttons, tricky but worth it, they look great.
    Today I attached my facing and upper collar, I think that part was the worst part of the whole jacket! A velvet upper collar was not the best idea I ever had!

    Love your lining also!

  3. Hi the jacket is looking great. I think the lining looks really good. The coat looks pretty difficult to make, well done.


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