Friday, November 26, 2010

Gertie's coat sew along marathon week: DAY 3

The mojo is flowing! It's day three of my marathon and I am still on track. Today is going to be about pockets, putting everything together and setting the sleeves in.

First, the pockets! Believe it or not, it was my first real time adding pockets to something. I only trained once for a muslin.

You have the first glimpse of my lining ;)

They are sewn on the side and on top. I have just done two rows of normal machine stitching around both pocket bags. More would have been too much bulk I think...

Now is my favorite time! Putting pieces together! I like it because you can actually start seeing what the coat is going to look like. I was a bit disappointed because there was too much ease at the back and ripping the stitches would kill the wool. After I could try it on, I was a bit underwhelmed... My main issue has to do with the pattern I have used. As you can see, there are more pieces then for the Lady Grey (top and bottom are separated). It didn't look as pretty... I had worked quite a lot of hours on the coat and I almost jumped off the wagon. I am happy I didn't because it looks better today (I am a few steps ahead of these pictures)!

Like I said, I was underwhelmed, but wait for tomorrow and the sleeves!

There was too much ease at the back but ripping the stitches is not an option as it would kill the wool. I am going to hide it with a back belt-ish piece. Trust me, it'll work!

The insides front. It looks so simple but it was a lot of catstitching!

Both front middles are nicely overlapping

The shoulders and the darts I added for a better fit during the muslin process.

Where it hurts to look!

That's it for today!

For tomorrow, DAY 4 (already!), I'll show you how it all looks like with the sleeves and the upper collar in, with the body and the sleeves hemmed, AND with shoulder pads!

Until tomorrow ;)

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  1. Its all about the steam! Make sure you have your iron set to a wool setting and press press press! Wool is fantastic for this because you can literally mold it. That extra ease too, give it a shot! Just no pressing hard this will leave marks, its the steam that will work all the magic. Always press from the back not on the good side of the fabric as well.

    As for the underwhelming feeling, I'm pretty sure you will change your mind when you get the sleeves on and start seeing the fruits of your labor, I've felt that way too.

    As my teacher would say "keep on, keepin' on..."


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