Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gertie's coat sew along marathon week: DAY 7

The end is near!

This is the last post before the end result! Today, I will mostly be writing about the lining and facing and how they were applied to the shell.

I do not have pictures of the stressing and tricky process of applying the facing/lining to the shell. I can just tell how it happened.
First, I pinned the shell to the facing all around the collar, the lapels, and the front end. It was hard to adjust it because the pieces were not completely in sync. It was also pretty hard to take care of the little space that is between the collar and the lapel.
Second, I have stitched all around. Then came the stressful moment. Time to turn and see how it works (or does not work). And it worked except for a the left side between the collar and lapel but it was easily fixed with a little bit of clipping in.
Third came the magic step of steaming! Like Brianna commented, wool is so great because you can shape it nicely with steam.
It is where I was when I took these pictures...

I LOVE the collar and lapels

And I am so happy with the lining! It looks pretty neat!

This is where there was some clipping action going on. It just needs to be stitched.

The collar is nice because it keeps its shape!
Once again, I have to explain what I did in between.

I secured the lining to the shell along the waistline so it does not move to much when I wear it.
I have then hemmed the sleeves I have stitched the lining to the the shell with my machine and you barely see the thread from the outside.
I have marked the place of the bottom hem and ironed it on.
Now, before attaching it on the shell, I have decided to add a pretty garnish down there. I opted for this red velvet with kind of crocheted "brick orange" thread around. The thread is exactly the same color as the little dots on my lining. And I loved the idea of a rich red contrast...

Grand Pa' Panda and Mister Panda frame the garnish pretty well ;)

See what I mean?

Now you have to guess how the finished thing is ;) I will post it tomorrow ;)

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  1. my eyes almost fell out of my head. this uber rocks. (secret) like the best version i have seen of this coat yet. heheh. its gonna look so hot on you.


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