Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My mustard coat, project basics

Hello people that read my rumblings!

I have great news! I am a Burdastyle featured member!!! On the first page! If you feel like it, I have answered their questions here.

Anyway, back to the main topic. I have new project. I am going to make a coat! I felt like attacking a bigger mountain this time around. I have decided on a pattern that is quite basic and simple because my fabric has a "popping out" color. I will use this one from Ottobre magazine, from the fall/winter issue. For the little story, I have purchased the issue in Dutch (which is not my native language). Usually, I understand the instructions, but this time, there was a whole page of them, and I didn't feel up to it. I have e-mailed them, and they kindly helped me with it.

If you have read my previous hauls, you have already seen my fabric of choice. I will use a mustard wool as the fashion fabric. It comes from a very very good shop called Van Gool. They have dream fabrics! A lot of them are very expensive, so we get only treats there. I actually didn't mean to buy a mustard wool, but the fabric jumped on me, and I couldn't ignore it. It is 100% wool. A great quality, and only 10 euros for 2.50 meters! It was the last coupon of a roll, and I guess that very few Dutch women feel daring enough to try mustard! To the hell with it, I do! I will also use lining. This one is a cheap blend that I had for one Euro on the market. It goes, by accident, perfectly with the wool!

For an extra little touch, I have gotten DIY buttons. They will be covered with the mustard fabric. So far, I have upgraded the pattern on the main central sheet from the magazine. Tomorrow, I will copy get started on my muslin!

Also, I am going to look for nice ideas about my TV Thursday post...

See ya!


  1. Hi, you are very busy with your sewing! I think all the stuff you have made so far is great - this jacket will be lovely!

  2. That is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it. I need to figure out some fabric to use for the lady grey sewalong but I keep putting it off.

  3. I wanted to do that sew along as well, but the pattern + the shipping costs are too high for me at the moment... I will definitively read all the posts though!

  4. That will be a lovely coat! Unfortunately yellow makes me look like I'm sick. Are you doing this as part of Gertie's sew-a-long?

    Congrats on being a featured member!

  5. OH, just saw your previous comment. You can still do the sew-a-long even if you are using a different pattern! It would be awesome if you did. Sorry for asking a repeat question, have a head cold at the moment.

  6. I actually might participate to it, I'll ask if she is sure That she is fine with it...


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