Sunday, September 5, 2010

My trip to fabric wonderland and award season

Hello people!

Today was the best day ever!

Yesterday, I mentioned at the end of my post that I would go to a huge fabric market today. And of course, I had no time to work on my skirt. But it was totally worth it! Here is  the story...

*** Once upon a time, a girl decided to go to Fabric Wonderland. She woke up pretty 
easily for a Sunday morning. And hop, hop, hop, to the train station. She waited 
and waited and waited for a train to bring her to the fair city of Eindhoven.***

True, it felt magical! Once we were inside, it was HUGE! My Mister took a few pictures of the whole thing. There were at least 10 aisles of at least 8 sellers! There was fabric (fall/winter) for adults and children. There was basic sewing necessities, and a Bertina Stand, and a Burda stand. I had a list of things I needed:
- interfacing (few different types)
- DIY buttons
- blue and yellow thread
- pattern copying paper
- lining for a black jacket
- nice other things that would fit in the budget :S

In the end of the day, we were exhausted, especially as, to finish it off, we visited Zara men and my dear Mister tried on all the blazers they had, of course without getting any. Although, he got a great hat! I will completely steal it! Isn't he the most handsome Mister in the world?

Now, let's get to the interesting part: THE HAUL! First, here are the things that I really needed. A few meters of basic interfacing, some thicker interfacing for a coat, some pattern copy paper, thread for the same coat, and DIY buttons for that coat too!

Back to the interesting part. Here is a great purple and grey fabric, and a purple lining. I will use these to make this Burda dress. It comes from the September issue of Burdastyle. I will make some shirring for the first time! I cannot wait!

Who has seen the fall/winter collection of Louis Vuitton? ME! And I loved it! If you have seen it, you must have loved the skirts! I have purchased a tweed looking brown fabric. It is thick enough, but still light enough to be used for a skirt. I am going to use the Vogue pattern that I have purchased a few weeks ago... I want it already!!!

From the same envelope, I plan on doing the jacket, with the Victorian back. I already have some black fabric, but I needed a nice lining. FOUND!

Getting there, getting there,... I wanted a nice grey fabric, a little bit stretchy for that gorgeous pattern from Vogue that I have purchased in the same time as the one above. It felt like plain grey would be more wearable. I could also throw a cardigan on top!

And last, but not least, I have found this gorgeous cotton fabric that I will use for a blouse. I am still pondering on which pattern I will use it with. If you have ideas, shoot ;)

This was my wonderful day in Wonderland! I promise that is it for fall/winter! I do not get anything else if I do not need it before I am done with those projects, starting with my rose skirt...


I know that it happened not a long time ago, but I received an award from Lizajanesews! I am so new to the blogging world that I do not mind at all doing the whole process again ;) So, here are the five persons I want to forward it to...

Iro iro


Lazy Stitching




  1. What a fantastic place! love your blog :)

  2. Wow that place looks amazing!!! :)
    You would really love Abakhan Fabrics over in England/Wales.
    I can't wait to see the purple dress.

  3. I know, that market travels all over The Netherlands and Belgium, once for fall, once for spring!
    We want to do some hiking around there, well, in Cornwall, but it is close enough...


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