Thursday, September 23, 2010

TV Thursday: Gloria Delgado

Who does not love her? Well, maybe some jealous women...

Gloria Delgado is in Modern Family. And she is hilarious, and quite gorgeous! With her, everything is about womanly curves. She shows them, and she is right! For those who do not know her, try to guess which one she is ;)

I was not hard to try to figure out what to pick, the online pictures are very coherent: give us some hips, give us some cleavage, give us some legs! I have decided to go for two dresses, a body con, and a wrap dress. There are also skinny pants, a pencil skirt, and a low neckline top.

Gloria knows how to flatter her curves. Of course, Body conscious dresses are the best way to do so (if you have the body for it). I think that this pattern would work great! The V of the neckline is nice and deep. Also, the dress is well cinched at the waist and close to the hips. The knee length helps to keep the whole look classy. Gloria would wear that with both printed or plain fabrics. Very colorful, or classic black. It is mostly the fit that counts!

In the second episode, she was wearing a wrap dress. I do not know why, but I have never really enjoyed them, but that day, it made me feel like trying to sew one for myself! That is how good it looked! I could only find this picture of it... However, I stumbled upon a pretty cute pattern! It has quite a few possible adaptations, and would completely use that one for me! I especially like the collar possibility. It brings a little something more!

Pencil skirts... She wears one almost in every episode! It must be because it is so flattering on her. And also because she completely can pull it off! I have chosen this pattern (my favorite is the light grey version of it) for a few reasons:
- I did not want to post the same one once again
- This one has a few different views
- The construction looks really interesting
- I would actually love to have it :S

Gloria does not only wear dresses and skirts, she wears gorgeous skinny pants. It is still the same idea: showing and flattering. Of course, she does it with high heel shoes ;). I love that pattern. It can work for jeans, or other Body Conscious trousers. Of course, it would be a catastrophe on me...

And last, but not least, what would Gloria do without her tops? Ok, they all are cleavaged, and are very fitted, but they look awesome! She comes from the South, and everything is HOT there. I think that this pattern would be great on her. Especially the beige view. It is still classy while being pretty sexy in the same time.

This is it for this TV Thursday! Do any of you have requests?

Tomorrow, I will post about my Coat Muslin from hell! The photos are ready ;)

See ya!


  1. i've been planning on writing a comment about 342 (and more) times, but i always get distracted. however - you're my hero. really, you're my inspiration, because i've been trying quite hard to learn how to sew, i bought a sewing machine and spent a lot of money on textile and stuff and no luck so far. but you give me hope, so keep up the good work and keep up posting. i'm around, you know. :)


  2. Oh, I love your TV Thursday posts. Great picks!
    ~ Alana


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