Saturday, September 18, 2010

Burdastyle: October 2010

Today, I went to pick up my Mister a the airport, and as I was checking out magazines, I was surprised to already see the October issue! And very happy too! So here are my two cents...

The October issue is the very awaited Karl Lagerfeld issue. Indeed, Mister Lagerfeld designed two pieces: a jacket and a skirt. I love the skirt! but I do not see any way to make it fit for me. It will be too short, and I feel like lengthening it will kill what makes it nice. Oh well... The jacket is very interesting! It looks like it would be so fun to construct. But once again, I am not sure that it is upgradable...

There are also some features: "In the nature", "Aviator", "Evergreen", "From another planet", "Children", and "Plus size". As usual, there is one feature that I really do not like: "From another planet".

I was really disappointed by the Plus size feature. It had basic shapeless tees, weird leather pants, collar-less coats, an elastic-waisted skirt, and a shapeless kimono tee. However, I really like the skirt part of this dress (see below). It is another smart way to make a pencil skirt and still hide unflattering bits with the piece that hangs in the front. I would totally try it as a skirt, with a built in belt.

The "Aviator" feature is very nice. It shows great coats and classic shapes. It is so Amelia Earhart! I really like the pants. They are nice and wide at the bottom. I also enjoyed this coat/cardigan. I would completely try it in a heavy knit.

The first feature printed in this mag is "in the nature". It has cute comfy country pieces. I really like this skirt. It looks so comfy, and still nice to wear. It seems like you can pair it to so many tops! I would construct the waist differently. I would do tiny pleats and a built in belt, with an elastic back. I has in-seam pockets too! It would look great in a more flowy fabric.

I must admit that my favorite feature is the one called "EVERGREEN". I love every single piece of it! They are cute and colorful! Everyone is going to love THE dress! It has a wonderful skirt (side pleats, cute fitted top, nice cleavage, cap sleeves). The also have an underskirt pattern for it in the magazine. It looks very upgradable! And it definitively will be upgraded *winky winky*. Next is a cute simple skirt. I have been in such a skirt mood lately, it must be because I realized that I have very few of them. I love the pleats! And last but not least, a bow shirt! It is simple, and easy to personalize. You can use a quirky fabric for it!

Did any of you purchased this issue?
Do you plan on getting it?
What is your favorite piece?
What do you think about Karl Lagerfeld?


  1. Oh you are so right! Those Evergreen pieces are gorgeous. But Burda takes forever to show up in the shops here - in fact the issue on the magazine stands right now is the June one!
    ~ Alana

  2. Nice! I really am liking your blog, it's a lot of fun! I love to see what's available in these magazines, even though I've never purchased one- it's way too much of a hassle to source one a back issue I know is good, and I don't want to subscribe...
    But I'm totally into both of those Lagerfeld pieces, and that cardigan looks like it could be downright snuggly! Great report - maybe I'll put more of an effort into getting this issue!

  3. I love the green skirt and bow top! I will be getting October's issue as soon as it is out here. Have a great weekend!

  4. I so wish I could find Burda magazines over here. I never can though :( Maybe I should look harder or ask for a subscription for Christmas.
    Do you get the paper patterns included? Even if they are ones printed over each other where we copy them I don't mind, but printing and sticking I get fed up of!
    I do love the evergreen skirt and top. Ooooh just imagine with tights, boots and a warm coat and scarf in the autumn :)

  5. Sometimes I forget that Burdastyle is more of a European magazine...
    @ Susie.17: Yes, I get the paper patterns included, printed over each other. Sometimes, I like it better than printing too. My favourite is the Vogue patterns: printed and clear!

  6. I bought this issue last week and have already bought material to make the lovely evergreen dress for X-mas. A red taffeta with black velvet paterns. I will turn the short-sleeve into a long-sleeve.

    I do also prefer the Vogue patterns, because they have the seems cut on. Ah well. The Burda pattern will just be a bit more work.


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