Saturday, September 25, 2010

The muslin from hell!

A few days ago, I have posted pictures of the muslin of my coat. Well, let me tell you, The changes I had to make were too much, so I have reworked the whole pattern and re-cut another muslin! I am now assembling it.

However, the skies are throwing a lot of things at me to prevent me from moving on!

Lightning #1: From Tuesday to Thursday, we went to visit my Mister's parents. He had to go to see his cardiologist at the other side of the country. This resulted in a few hours of train and a lot of talking with his mum and dad. However, I have managed to hand stitch a little bit in the train. Don't I look like a maniac?

Lightning #2: I had to reduce the size of the shoulders, and make a FBA, and re-work on the hip area so the coat is nice and comfy... Especially if you have to sit down and travel in it. I tried this, and hopefully it will help...

Lightning 3#: I have started an ugly flu on Thursday, right after we got back home! I have been staying in bed, with tissues thrown all around me, sucking throat healing candies, and, mainly, harassing my poor Mister.

Tomorrow, I promise, there will be no more presents from the sky, and my second attempt at the muslin from hell will be posted!


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