Monday, September 27, 2010

Vogue Winter: my top three!

Hello people!

So far, I have only written about the Burdastyle patterns that come out every month. This time, I change up a little! The winter Vogue collection has appeared this week end on their website and a lot of bloggers have already picked their favorites. I love a lot of the dresses, but unfortunately, quite a few of them would not work for me.

My top 3 is a combination of what I find pretty AND of what could look good on me.

1) Dress from Cynthia Steffe - V1207

I think that this dress looks more interesting when you look at the technical drawing. I would prefere it with a plain fabric and a belt though.

What would work for me?
- the sleeves (they hide the top of the arm)
- the pleats of the skirt (they hide a few bits are better left alone)

Why do I like it?
- the back!!!
- the neckline
- the sleeves

2) Dress from Rachel Comey - V1209

This dress is so cute. I am not sure that I could upgrade it, but I would love to try!

What would work for me?
- the sleeves (same idea than the previous one)
- the front draping will cinch at the waist to show off the bust area (my favorite)
- the skirt is almost A-line

Why do I like it?
- I love the peplum at the back, especially as it does not continue to the front in a way that it does not cut the silhouette
- once again, the back!!!

3) Wardrobe - V8701

I really enjoy those Vogue Wardrobe. They have very simple pieces that you can make your own!

What would work for me?
- the dress (sleeves and the shape of the skirt)
- the blazer (fitted and a nice cleavage)

Why do I like it?
- the dress seems quite easy to sew
- the blazer has such a nice back to it!

So basically, I cannot wait for the sales ;)

Tomorrow, I will probably post about a quick project that I am making now.

What do you think about the winter collection?
Do you have any favorites?
Do you like their designer patterns?


  1. Oh now I need to go and check out the winter collection! I love your top three picks, they're all fabulous! I look forward to seeing these as your projects!

  2. I love the dresses that you pick. I love dresses with open-back. It is so elegant.


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