Friday, September 3, 2010

TV Thursday: Samatha Stephens!

Hello people!

This week is "Bewitched" week. And yes, the song is playing non stop in my head!

Today, I felt like jumping back in time! To the sixties... It was a great opportunity to look at gorgeous vintage patterns that I cannot afford :p. Then, Samantha Stephens popped in my head, and the song with it...

I used to watch bewitched when I was tiny, and I remember training in front of the mirror to get my nose moving. At that time, I was sure that if I managed to do it like Samantha, I would get my bedroom tidy in two seconds, which was way much more efficient then the "Mary Poppins" method. However, it is only now that I realize that those were MOD years! MOD! I love it! So, let's get started with the wardrobe: dress, coat, nightgown, apron, shirt...

1) What would Samantha do without her gorgeous little MOD dresses? They are nice and short, showing off the legs, but still classy enough for a funky 60's housewife. I have found a great vintage McCall's pattern. It has three variations concerning mainly the sleeves length. I particularly LOVE the long sleeves!

2) Samantha was always on the go for her adventures. And, of course, you need a gorgeous coat to go groceries shopping, or to go visiting your husband at work. That Simplicity pattern is gorgeous. I think it would look great with a stiff fabric. Ok, it is a dress pattern, but don't you see how easily it could become a coat? I would die for one in red!

3) Let's not forget that witches must be at the ready at anytime of day and night. I could not resist including a nightgown to these wardrobe essentials. See, Samantha can sit in the air but still look so pretty! What do you think of this peignoir pattern from McCall? I simply love it! I would do it in beige chiffon with light blue ribbons!

4) For cauldron cooking, you need a pretty apron! Of course, you could have a boring one, but I think that these ruffles are exquisite! I would stiffen the fabric a little bit and make it overly girly. Ok, my sin...

5) I could have finished with a witch dress, but it would have been too Halloween-y... I looked a little bit online, and I felt like Samantha was a pretty active women! And yes, she wears pants and shirts! Therefore, I decided to pick a blouse pattern to finish up this lovely wardrobe. It looks so nicely fitted. Of course, I would use a check fabric to go with it...

After all this, I want to spend a fortune in Vintage patterns... And especially in MOD items. Though, I do not think it would work for my figure... What do you people think?


  1. I think that the dresses in the first picture would suit you very well! They are A-line, which is flattering for most figures. I would skip the turtle neck, though. There is a pattern for download on the german burda site which is a bit similar (and in my to-do-list, too!):
    I like the vintage aprons, too, thinking of making some as christmas presents this year! I got some inspiration from too.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Mod dresses are growing on me... I have a few patterns in old burdas from my grand ma and the mother of a friend. I might try, but I already have so many projects listed in a corner of my brain! The pattern you linked is gorgeous! I would love it in a checked fabric, or a psychedelic one!


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