Sunday, September 26, 2010

Muslin from hell, take 2!

I am finally done with it!

After my adventures with the shoulders, the bust, and the hips, I stumbled upon other issues...

Laurence and the collar...
After cutting every re-worked piece in my other muslin fabric, I realized I did not have enough for the second piece of the collar. To the hell with it. Only one was necessary ;)

Laurence and the sleeves...
After all those changes on the top part of the coat, I had corrected the sleeves too so they would follow the adjustments. Yeah, right... It did not work at all. In a final attempt, I tried using the sleeves of the old muslin, and they work! This must be magic! However, it feels like they are a little bit too long and form a box (as they are the same length as the coat).

Laurence and the back...
I completely forgot to adjust it. Therefore, you can see al little crease on the picture. It has been since then corrected ;)

I cannot wait to see what it will look like with the fashion fabric, and especially with the pockets! They will be on the front sides.

I am not an expert, and I call for your tiger eyes.

Do you have extra suggestions?
How short should I make the sleeves?


  1. I think it looks really awesome! Kudos to you on making another muslin, I usually just say fuck it after muslin #1 and dive in.
    I like coat sleeves to be long for practicality. Maybe if the hem of the peplum-y part was longer it would balance out a longer sleeve. I dont know though, it looks really good and I can't want to see itttttt. :-)

  2. Yay, you made it! It is now looking really good! You are very busy making a second muslin; if I have to do that, I usually kick the whole project!
    I would make the sleeves a bit shorter than they appear in the photos, but I also think that making the body part about 10 cm longer would work well with the pattern and balance out the sleeves.
    I started with a coat yesterday, too. I'm looking forward to see your finished coat soon!

  3. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I love it. I really wanted to have this kind of focus with my own blog, but have since decided I am not passionate enough to keep up with it. You are one of few plus-sized sewists taking us through the steps, and I applaud you. I'm actually working on the Burda dress pattern right now that you did in the Burburry plaid.

    As for your coat muslin, I think it looks great, but I would taper the width of the sleeves from your wrists to your elbows. They have that droopy, too big look to them. I would personally keep the sleeve length because I am tall and I feel like all ready-to-wear long sleeves hit at my wrists and are too short. Wherever you're comfortable with them.

  4. You are one brave woman - that pattern is intense. Its looking great, though! I think you could trim the sleeves down in size a bit towards the bottom, before you hem them, since you may like them longer when it's fitted. I normally end long sleeves at 2-3 cm above the base of my thumb. Thanks again for sharing :)


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