Thursday, September 9, 2010

TV Thursday: Sally Draper

Let's dive into the Mad Men universe! 

Yes, finally! And no, not Joan... I love Joan, but it is just that everybody talks about her, and I feel like there is nothing more to say.

So today is Sally Draper's day!

It feels like Sally is becoming more of an important character in this new season. Also, the stylist seems to pay more attention to what she is wearing! This time around, I have thought about four wardrobe essentials.

First, we have that gorgeous coat that she was wearing in the first episode (or second?). It looks so nice and warm, but also very girly and classy. I think that this pattern from Vogue goes in the same direction. I would make it a little bit shorter though. I love the Peter Pan collar, and the six buttons option. If I had a girl, I would sew that for her!

Sally wears shirts all the time! With pants, and skirts. This season, I have seen so many cute Peter Pan collars that it makes me want one too! I have found this cute pattern on Etsy. It is a vintage Simplicity. It is so much like in Mad Men. You can see on the drawings what they expect of young girls. Pretty hair, brushed white teeth, tea drinking with fellow soon-to-be housewives... Though, you can see that on one of the pictures, the little girl plays with chemistry instruments! Yeay! Let's promote educated women!

Sally is allowed to wear pants, and not skirts all the time. You have a glimpse of them on the previous pictures. It was actually pretty hard to find trousers pattern for girls. Though, I am very happy with the one that I have found on Etsy too. It is a vintage McCall's. It looks so elegant. I would completely try it for my little girl (once again, hypothetical). There is some progress on the pictures. The girl is reading! Reading I am telling you!

Last but not least, the skirt! What would Sally do without her pleated skirts. If you watch the show, you know that Sally goes to a psychiatrist. This is her "waiting room" outfit. I love the suspenders! I stumbled upon this McCall's pattern. I am totally going to steal the suspenders idea!

For tomorrow, I am thinking about writing a post about upgrading patterns. Pro? Con?


  1. Congratulations on being a Burda Featured member! I love the coat in your previous post. I'm not sure what i'm going to make from my material, i was going to make a top but theres enough for a dress and i have never made a knit dress so i might have ago.

  2. Yes please, for the post about upgrading patterns!! Wanted to ask you about that anyway!


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