Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bows for coffee!

Finally something new!

Do you remember my post about upgrading patterns? Here is the result! A brand new Coffee Date Dress!

At first, before upgrading the pattern, I thought I would not sew anything with it. But in the end, it would have been too bad! I also thought that it would be interesting to show the result as a proof that it actually works! I went trough my stash and found less then a meter leftover my Burberry inspired dress, and a bit of stretchy beige. It went very fast to sew this dress. The pattern is easy and well made. I only had to change two things: make a longer bust, and add darts from the neck line to the darts of the bust. Now it looks like a "three pieces front".

The last change, a more aesthetic one, was to go for tiny bows instead of the ruffle. I think that it looks so much better with thins fabric! And also, it brings something quirky to a very classic dress and very classic fabrics.

For the photos, I borrowed the new hat that my Mister purchased two weeks ago. It is so much fun to wear! We went to take pictures almost in front of our building. It was really fun because it is mushroom season, and I couldn't help but looking at them!

Have a nice Sunday ;)


  1. I love your version. I have been wanting to do some thing with bows. I really enjoy seeing the things you make, you really inspire me to think out of the box!

  2. As always you look absolutely lovely and cute. I like your version, it works very well for you.

  3. This is lovely, i love it with your red shoes and your Misters hat!


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