Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rescued jacket and 4 March days...

Today, I will tell you the story of  "Little Jacket" and how it got rescued from oblivion.

Last September, I have ordered a few Vogue patterns, and the V8679 jacket was one of my favorites... I got some gorgeous wool fabric for it and I started working on the pattern in October. I even did a muslin and everything! And then, the coat sew along came over, and the jacket went on the "to do" pile.

Weeks passed by and months. And the little jacket fell downer and downer on the "to do pile". Every time I walk around to pick a new project, I could almost hear some "pick me", "pick me" little noises.Late in December, I finally decided to cut the pieces. Little jacket was becoming more and more alive and then, evil happened! Yes, evil... I forgot to cut the sleeves, and I realized that I had cut the other pieces inefficiently... No more fabric for the sleeves. Little Jacket was born an amputee...

I tried to find extra fabric in the shops of my town, but there was no close match. I even went to Amsterdam for it. I finally decided to get a fabric that has the same tone but a slightly different pattern. Little jacket had two state of the art arm prothesis... And then came the moving! But someone almost saved Little Jacket's life: Erica B. In January, she blogged about the exact same project and it boosted me!

From then, it was pretty straightforward. Putting pieces together and doing a bit of tailoring for the collar. I am very happy with the result! The jacket is very comfy and classy in the same time. It is also nice for the warm winter or  early spring days. Little Jacket is now alive!

We took pictures downtown today and let me tell you, things are crazy here! It is the Carnaval week end. I don't know if you are familiar with it but it is a very European tradition. They also have it in New Orleans. Basically, we celebrate the end of the winter, all dressed up, and with a few drinks in the hands or in the belly! Until Mardi Gras. Everyone is wearing the colors of the town: red, yellow and white OR a frog, the symbol of the town. I am in front of the paintings done by schools kids. You can also see a bit of the streets on the Me-Made March images.

Here with corduroy pants.

It has such a lovely shape and subtle waist

If I redo it, I will move the back waist a little bit higher

Oops, the right flap is a little bit wrong with the wind. Of course, Mister does not mention...

Love the buttons, they looks like wood, but almost feel like leather.

I love this thing, it makes me feel special when I walk in the street...

Basic brown lining

The alien sleeves. They are very close but not completely the same...

Last but not least, Me-Made-March. I am really enjoying it so far. I love watching what everyone is like on a daily basis. I am a bit of a curious thing!

Day 3: Me Made Bridesmaid yellow dress, blogged here (plus a cardi a leggings)
Day 4: I had a job interview, so something serious: Me Made pink skirt, blogged here (plus white shirt and jacket)
Day 5: Me Made dress, it was my first project ever! Blogged here (plus a pink cardi)
Day 6: Little Jacket (plus brown pants and a beige long sleeves T-shirt)

Now, that's it for today! See you next week!


  1. Wow that is as cute little jacket---I love the peplum! And good job on matching the sleeves!

  2. Love your jacket! and great mmm outfits. Have a lovely week.

  3. Gorgeous job, honey!!

  4. Looks like a happy little jacket ;-)
    I like your mmm outfits, too, especially the one with the yellow dress!

  5. Oh man, that jacket is friggin' adorable!!!


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