Monday, March 14, 2011

Me Made March: preview of new projects!

Here is a whole week of Me-Made-March!

It is really weird, because I actually have four new finished projects, and I somehow procrastinate blogging about them. Not that they are bad at all. That is... just weird... This is why two of them are in this new series of Me Made March, that will make me blog about them very soon!

We started having the sun back, the temperatures were around 10 to 15 degrees (Celsius!) and the sun was shining through the large windows of our apartment. It felt so great to be working on the table that is right next to them! I love those first warmer days that bring spring closer. I cannot wait to go out and about with only a cardigan or a big shawl! I am definitively a Spring and Fall girl!

Oh, also, I wanted to mention that I do not write the brands of my other things. It is no because I am lazy, but because they all come from Belgium/Ireland/The Netherlands, and very few people in the blogging world (mainly in the US and Canada) know about them. However, you can always ask if you are interested...

So, let's go around my town! The firs one who guesses where it is wins all of my respect!

This was day 7. There was a huge crowd in the streets because of the Carnaval, and we went to hide to take the picture in a very narrow street. I am wearing a double knit brown Me-Made  dress and I will blog about it tomorrow. That's a promise!

Day 8... We went to visit Mister's Grand Ma at the hospital and it was already dark outside when we came back. I am wearing a new Me-Made skirt. It will be posted the day after tomorrow ;). I love it for a lot of different reasons, and I will make sure to write them all!

Day 9 was pretty windy and it mad the dress pretty unflattering! We are in the shopping area of the town. Lately, I am loving the yellow/black combo. Under my (2) cardis, I am wearing a Me-Made dress blogged here.

The outfit of day 10 is my favorite of this series! It is my Rachel Comey Me-Made dress. This is a small square hidden in the side roads of the main square of the town. Behind me, you see the (dirty because of carnaval) canal and the houses that are build around and on top of it! It will be a perfect place to go and read books in the sun during warmer days!

On day ten, I stayed home and I was in a cosy mood, I am wearing a Me-Made Tara dress made during one of Grosgrain's sew-alongs. It was before my blogging days, but you can see more pictures of it on my Burdastyle. This is on the main square of the town, and you an see the city hall right behind me.

Day 12 was groceries/cleaning/visitors/studying day. A real Saturday! This was also the day I watched my first episode ever of "Big Love". Oh Man! I love that show! I do not know why I only discovered it now. I am wearing a summer Me-Made Maxidress. Also from before the blog. This is a shot of our side entry, it shows our ugly inside kind of parking... And Me barefoot on stairs, which did hurt.

And finally, on day 13, I wore my new dress again, You will be able to read about it soon enough ;). This is a shot of inside our new place. In front of our "IKEA wall". By the way, did you ever visit this blog: IKEA hackers? It is about people that use pieces of their furnitures and model them differently! You HAVE to check it out!

That is it for today!

What is your fave outfit?
What do you thing of my new town views?


  1. You make such nice things! I almost wish I could sew like that! Almost... ;)

  2. It really is easier than you think it is! I can give a crash course ;)

  3. Oh, the Rachel Comey dress for sure! I LOVE the red beret, cardigan and shoes with it. I love seeing your town views, too, and I am totally jealous of your Ikea wall.

  4. Great outfits! I love your Rachel Comey dress but i love your Tara dress too and your new skirt...i can't pick just one :) Have a lovely week!

  5. I don't think I've commented before, but I just had to say that you are inspiring me to try some plus size pattern sewing! I am so terrified of patterns! Of course the Rachel Comey dress is totally amazing, but I can't wait to hear about the new brown dress. It looks like exactly something I have been hoping to make since i can't seem to find something like it in stores- a simple day dress with sleeves! I love the wide neckline!

  6. I like the Rachel dress and the maxi dress. Your town looks very nice too.


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