Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Me-Made-March: day 1 or the chasing of daylight.

Hello there! I am really happy to start Me-Made-March! What a great excuse to wear nice hand-made things!

Dear Tim Burton, if you ever need an extra extra, look how dead I can look :D

For Day 1, I am wearing something I wear VERY often! I is a shirt dress that I have made with Burberry-ish wool. It is so comfy and always looks good. I am wearing it with opaque black tights, booties, and a black cardi. Now, on the picture, you only see my coat and that is because we wanted to use the last bit of sun for the photo. As my Mister comes home when the sun goes down, I met him downtown.

You might remark that I do not look very fresh faced... Ahem... Well, I am still nursing the end of a flu and I worked like a busy bee yesterday (tidying up and laundry, and a lot of Dutch studying for my intensive course), while having a nice and foggy headache.

I am using this occasion to thank wholeheartedly the lovely unknown person that passed me that virus :p

From now on, I might post 2 days together to not flow everyone's followers list or something...

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  1. I think you look lovely in the picture! Not dead! Very urban and a very editorial photo! Yay! I like the vacation into style-blogging that the me-made and self-stitched months provide! That said, I set up a little gadget to link to my flickr photos tagged MMM and I'll only blog every once in a while. Mostly because I can't come up with something to say everyday....


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