Monday, March 21, 2011

Me Made March, a nice week (14-21)

That's me again! It is that time of the week again. Now, what did I wear from Monday to Monday? Well, it is starting wrong because I have lost the picture of day 14... Oh well, you will forgive me right?

On day 15, I wore my Crepe dress. We had friends over and it is a perfect "hostess" dress. Also, I don't wear it out because it is still too cold... I have cooked a yummy tomato/pepper soup, made an avocado relish and baked scones. There was also a sweet potato pie for desert...

On day 16, I took my "sew-alonged" coat out of the box for the first time since we moved. And it deserves its own MMM feature! We took the picture along a canal, that is usually very cute... However, it is getting drained and cleaned at the moment... Therefore, not a pretty view.

On day 17, we went out to celebrate my new job announcement! That was a perfect occasion to give my lace Macaron a little bit of fresh air.

On day 18, we stayed in. I wore my Rebecca Taylor blouse because it is the most comfy thing that I have sewn. This picture gives you a sneak preview on the project I was working on at the time... mmmmmmm, a white belt...

On day 19, I wore my Macaron skirt to go out to a silent movie. I just love this skirt...

On day 20, I wore my grey knit dress. We just went for a walk in the town. It was the first day of spring, and the sun actually shone!

On day 21, I wore the same grey knit dress, but with other pieces.

And, this was today's outfit... This week flied so fast...

What is your favorite?
Is spring starting too, where you live?

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  1. I love your lace macaron. It looks great with the red shoes and olive shawl.


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