Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Negroni for Mister!


I hope the sun is shining where you live as much as it is shining here! Spring is showing! Yes it is!

It is now time to show you the first shirt I have EVER made. I could write a whole post about all the things I have to improve (top-stitching, wrists, pockets, cutting the yoke in the biais, etc.) but I will focus on what my Mister thinks.

Let's go back in December. I was such a fan of a lot of the Colette patterns but I had only purchased the Crepe and the Macaron. I kept on telling Mister that they were so nice and, even if they were more expensive, it was totally worth it. But no, there was no budget for them. And then, the Negroni pattern came out, and Peter announced that he would be hosting a shirt sew-along. Weirdly, a budget was rapidly found... And a shiny Negroni pattern arrived soon enough! Ah, men...

My first concern was the fit. Mister is quite narrow at the shoulders, but a little bit thicker around the waist (let's carefully use words that do not start with bel- and finish -ly, especially if they are written after a three letter adjective...). I decided to trace an M for the top, and a L from the waist down, and the result is surprisingly good! It even works around his scoliosis problem! No weird wrinkles.

We went for a simple squared fabric with neutral colors. I am just a little bit sad that I have not cut the yoke in the biais, but I'll make sure to do so for the next time. Speaking of the yoke, it was my first yoke EVER, and the instructions were great. And that is the same about for the cuffs. And we were all equally lucky to have the amazingly complete posts from the sew-along!

Mister was instantly thrilled with the result and gave me a few suggestions (constantly). Two weeks ago, he mentioned that he could do with more shirts that fit him that well, like 10 more shirts, but with different pockets, and various cuffs, and it would be easy for me to sew these for him... My dear readers, do you know that there are a few events coming... a jeans sew-along coming (" Oh, interesting, I would not mind jeans" he said), a RTW coat sew-along ("Oh, but we purchased a male trench coat pattern on Vogue")... Isn't that cute? Now, I am rambling, but I actually love to sew things for him. It's like the most personalized presents he could ever get!

Now, a few detail shots:

What do you think?
Do you sometimes sew for a special someone too?


  1. That's so sweet! I keep meaning to sew a shirt for my husband.

  2. It looks wonderful...i want to sew this shirt for Russ, i think fitting for him would be difficult though and i still haven't finished the shirt i cut out for myself yet either.

  3. This post made me laugh. I can actually hear your Mister say those things ;) The shirt looks good on him :)

  4. *can also hear him say those things* ;) - but awesome.. you're right, these personalized presents are about the nicest things you can give someone, and receive sincere appreciation in return. Very nice result btw, looks good. :)

  5. lol, so well done. I've been meaning to make my mister a shirt for some months now...this reminds me of the muslin sitting in my closet...


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