Friday, December 10, 2010

A lace Macaron: nice sweetness!

Hi there!

I have finished my dress! Now, am I happy or not? Well, it depends... I am so so so happy about the pattern and the shape of the dress, but I am not pleased with my fabric... It looks like it is badly sewn and reflects the light in a weird way. Now, that is what happens when you try to spare money, while buying cheapish Polyesther... I have learned my lesson.

But that is my only issue! When I have the dress on, I feel so nice and girly! And it fits really well too. Here are the pics:

The global shape feels really good and fits me well (I might be wrong ;) )

I am loving the lace pieces. They do not seem underlined at all when you look from the outside.

A tiny bit of ease shows so easily with that black Poly... But I love my belt. I have interfaced it so it would keep its shape without rolling.

First pockets success!

Same problem with the fabric. But I love the shape of the skirt and the lace!

Sleeves are perfect. The scallop shape hides the bottom of the arms...

Inside view, You can see the front seam I had to create because my alterations (muslin step) were a tad too big...

I have added an "inside bell inset" with some interfacing to stiffen the contrast fabrics, because lace is not exactly steady ;)

I think that I will definitively re-use the Macaron pattern, but this time, with a better fashion fabric... I will still wear this for Christmas, because, even if I am ranting a bit, I still love this dress!

What do you think?


  1. I think it looks lovely. You are very brave trying the underlined lace. I have been following your creations on Burdastyle and here. I wish I had your patience with the muslins!

  2. I cannot even tell you how fantastic this looks! It fits so well!! I love it, and it looks great with those tights and red shoes ;)

  3. I love how the lace with the underlining turned out. I feel you on the cheap fabric---I hate paying the big bucks, but sometimes it is sooo worth it. /sigh.

    The only fitting "issue" I'd comment on is that the side bust dart is a bit high---technically they "should" point towards the apex, whereas yours is a couple of inches high and pointing higher. Maybe this has to do with that seam alteration you mentioned? Mind you, if you can figure out how to mess with it to lower it next time, you're a better dart-wrangler than I am (darts scare me)... and it's not one of those things that anyone but a sewist notices ;).

    I like where the "belt" hits you---and good job on thinking ahead to stabilize it! :)

  4. I think the lace looks fine, and those sleeves are cute and flattering!

    I'm with you on the polyester - I generally avoid it. I find a bit of extra money is worth it compared to the time wasted trying to get poly looking nice! Plus it is unwearable in our humid summers.

    I've just cut into some cotton poplin stash from eons ago, forgetting it has a % poly in it and it just won't press nicely. Oh well...crease resistant I suppose!

  5. What a coincidence, I baked my very first batch of macarons today!

    I love the look of the lace and your styling! Fab. I hope you've got some Christmas parties lined up to wear this to. :)

  6. Gorgeous - I just love it with the tights too!

  7. It is beautiful on you! I love the lace and the tights you've paired it with.

  8. It's super cute! At least now you know the pattern is worth splurging on fabric for, yes? Happy Christmas :)

  9. I love it with the lace...wasn't going to make this as I wasn't really crazy about the 2 fabrics, but it is stunning with lace.

  10. This is one of my favorites! It looks like a really good fit, you are right! ;)


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